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Unless you're interviewing for a job, the dressiest most college students ever need is a half-decent blazer and a half-decent pair of no-iron khakis, both of which you can get cheap. You shouldn't be spending much time or money on clothes, especially if you're in debt.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector That site linked www.tackyweddings.com... Some of the divorce cakes are pretty good.
Congratulations! Great style, beautiful bride, dashing groom. The last photo is great, but the first shows off the bride better, so I'd tend to lean towards that, though I do find it slightly disconcerting the way your entire body is angled.
Bitchiness. Same as guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Why do people insist on politicizing every-effing-thing? It's unneeded. It's an important part of what he was about. Why can't someone admire or deplore it?
Has there been a good bio written? I know bits and pieces of his life, but I think a good biography of him would be a fantastic read.
Sad. I must watch "The Hustler" soon, the only PN film I own, and I've never even seen it all the way through. Not many old-school legends left now. Liz Taylor is the only one that comes to mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 but Mercedes was a first name before it was a car brand. It's still a pretty common name in some Spanish-speaking countries Mercedes rules!
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesAlexander Thanks for the condolences. I wasn't close to the guy, but it's always sad when someone you know of passes away. I ended u wearing my midnight blue tie and black shoes. I'm glad I did, I felt more comfortable. It was a close casket, so I couldn't throw one of my business cards into the coffin. No, give the card the funeral director; whatever he buys from you, he'll sell at a 90% markup,...
I find it frustrating talking to someone via cell for any length of time. Reception is often an issue, regardless of carrier, but much is also due to the fact that people are talking into phones the size of Triscuit wafers while multi-tasking, and they don't consistently direct their voices into the mic accurately. I can't have a conversation with someone on a cellphone for more than 5 minutes without my blood pressure rising.
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