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Of course it's just TV, so you have to accept implausibilties in the name of dramatic license, even a VP calling the shots on a major terrorist assassination operation (have we even seen so much as a photo of POTUS, or know if he/she is male or female?) But having POTUS in absentia for the VP's memorial service? Crazy.
Besides being a disgusting thing to do to someone you supposedly care about, cheating is more trouble than it's worth, so I would guess that most of those who cheat are after the thrill of it and/or working out some really screwed up emotional shit. Therapy is the preferred route, IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T actually, I suggested it in jest earlier in this thread, but a thread called "collectED - the best of edmorel" is really not a bad idea. It could however only follow Janthology - the best of JLibourel. As whacked remembers every post ever made by every person in the history of Styleforum, and has a blackbelt in the search function, I nominate him to start them both. I will happily ferret anything you guys want to see...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Essentially yes. This is a really interesting and complex area. Strong hypnosis definitely requires the participant being willing and wanting it to work. You can hypnotize a skeptic because many skeptics enjoy magic and hypnosis and allow it to happen - but if you have someone staunchly not wanting it to work it probably won't. I use a gentler technique, a sort of applied hypnosis, that many magicians refer to as...
Unless you're interviewing for a job, the dressiest most college students ever need is a half-decent blazer and a half-decent pair of no-iron khakis, both of which you can get cheap. You shouldn't be spending much time or money on clothes, especially if you're in debt.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector That site linked Some of the divorce cakes are pretty good.
Congratulations! Great style, beautiful bride, dashing groom. The last photo is great, but the first shows off the bride better, so I'd tend to lean towards that, though I do find it slightly disconcerting the way your entire body is angled.
Bitchiness. Same as guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Why do people insist on politicizing every-effing-thing? It's unneeded. It's an important part of what he was about. Why can't someone admire or deplore it?
Has there been a good bio written? I know bits and pieces of his life, but I think a good biography of him would be a fantastic read.
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