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Ah, emptym, those are beauts! Something with that silhouette in black would be perfect -- without the medallion, as you say.Not until after reading msulinski's and Man of Lint's comments did I actually get a chance to try the shoes on with my formal pants, and I was surprised to find that they *did* look a bit bulkier than I had expected or wanted (though my fiancee thought they looked perfectly classic).I had been resisting spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of...
Thanks for the feedback. Actually quite surprised by the "clunky" assessment. I had intially chosen something with a much sleeker profile, but thought these heftier more rounded-toed ones looked somewhat more "traditional" overall, although perhaps not traditional specifically in terms of "classic opera pump" styling. Not trying to "fool" anyone, just looking for something with a clean, understated look, while avoiding the classic pump styling, which is a bit too...
Seeking opiinons on whether the styling on these Varvatos shoes is conservative enough for me to get away with them in lieu of a traditional formal pump. They seemed a decent deal ($149.00 at DSW), so I gave them a try, not knowing anything about Varvatos shoes; from my research since, his "made in China" models are the iffiest of his offerings, quality wise, but I don't wear a tuxedo more than once or twice a year anyway, so styling is more of a concern than durability,...
Thanks for the feedback; if I do give them a try, I'll probably just give them one of my nicely-fitting RTWs to copy measurements from.
Timeless, I'd say.
True enough; given the considerable passage of time, no one would ever find himself in such a predicament anymore. Please accept my apologies for needlessly striking a nerve.
So many responses here clarify the distinction between dressing like a gentleman and behaving like one.
Came across this groupon discount today, and was wondering if anyone was familiar with their work. Thanks. Q
Cool, thanks for the detailed description and photos; didn't quite follow it all, but very interesting.Noticed this thread after having had a good friend tell me just recently about a tailor he found in lower Manhattan who has been recutting all of his suits from his heftier days, slimming them down and even removing pleats, which I hadn't thought could be done successfully...
Yeah, good point. Curious about POTUS, though - have we seen him/her at all these two seasons?
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