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Timeless, I'd say.
True enough; given the considerable passage of time, no one would ever find himself in such a predicament anymore. Please accept my apologies for needlessly striking a nerve.
So many responses here clarify the distinction between dressing like a gentleman and behaving like one.
Came across this groupon discount today, and was wondering if anyone was familiar with their work. Thanks. Q
Cool, thanks for the detailed description and photos; didn't quite follow it all, but very interesting.Noticed this thread after having had a good friend tell me just recently about a tailor he found in lower Manhattan who has been recutting all of his suits from his heftier days, slimming them down and even removing pleats, which I hadn't thought could be done successfully...
Yeah, good point. Curious about POTUS, though - have we seen him/her at all these two seasons?
Of course it's just TV, so you have to accept implausibilties in the name of dramatic license, even a VP calling the shots on a major terrorist assassination operation (have we even seen so much as a photo of POTUS, or know if he/she is male or female?) But having POTUS in absentia for the VP's memorial service? Crazy.
Besides being a disgusting thing to do to someone you supposedly care about, cheating is more trouble than it's worth, so I would guess that most of those who cheat are after the thrill of it and/or working out some really screwed up emotional shit. Therapy is the preferred route, IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T actually, I suggested it in jest earlier in this thread, but a thread called "collectED - the best of edmorel" is really not a bad idea. It could however only follow Janthology - the best of JLibourel. As whacked remembers every post ever made by every person in the history of Styleforum, and has a blackbelt in the search function, I nominate him to start them both. I will happily ferret anything you guys want to see...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Essentially yes. This is a really interesting and complex area. Strong hypnosis definitely requires the participant being willing and wanting it to work. You can hypnotize a skeptic because many skeptics enjoy magic and hypnosis and allow it to happen - but if you have someone staunchly not wanting it to work it probably won't. I use a gentler technique, a sort of applied hypnosis, that many magicians refer to as...
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