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Thanks, too, for the suggestion to look at the smaller end of men's sizes; my nephew isn't as big as yours, but maybe there are size 36's out there somewhere that will suit...
Thanks. He does usually dress like the typical boy, but he also appreciates nice clothes when they're appropriate to the occasion, and has been known to swipe pocket silks from my bureau. Macy's and other department stores usually drive me mad the way they inconveniently segment designers into separate "shops", but I'll try there if I get desperate.
I suspect that BB suits aren't quite his style, and perhaps more than my budget, but I'll stop by and give them a look. Thanks for the suggestion.
I've promised to take my almost-13-year-old nephew shopping for a decent suit (grey or navy), but have no idea where in NYC to look for boys' dress clothes - any recommendations of places to try? Teens growing as they do, I'd probably want to spend no more than $300, but I'd want a decent quality wool, and since he's a slender kid, a fairly modern fit. Thanks.
Ha. Nothing out of the ordinary implied, girth-wise. Never had reason to think about it before, but looking in the mirror now, it may just be that my somewhat narrow hips give me a narrower natural stance than some, so where some guys (in their natural hip-width stance) may have a bit more room between their inner upper things for their junk to fall a bit, mine is forced outward a bit? If that makes sense...Anyways...
I've been wearing Hilfiger cotton briefs for years, but I'm only now converting from pleated dress slacks (I know, I know) to flat fronts, and I find that the cleaner look of the flat fronts makes any bulging more conspicuous. Hilfiger used to use a much higher-quality cotton years ago, but now the cotton is a thinner weave that doesn't hold its shape (or contain one's, um, bulk) quite as well. Any recommendations for a decent-quality all-cotton brief that will be more...
Resolved. Thanks. Thanks. Q
Thanks for the reply. I guess they consider it to be almost much work to them, given that they do have to dampen the shirt first. But no, they definitely don't press by hand - that they charge quite a bit more for. Q
Sorry, mods - I think now I should have maybe posted this in "Ask A Question..."; can it be moved?
Tired of creeping shrinkage, since purchasing my most recent batch of dress shirts, I've been home laundering and taking the shirts to my local (NYC) drycleaner for pressing only. Surprisingly, they charge the same $2.50 per shirt as for full laundering . Is this common?
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