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All the best, I've bought some ties and shirts off you in the past and all I can say is that #menswear in Australia definitely needs a boost.
Lol what were the chances of seeing iSurg at the airport last night at 11pm. I recognised those CK loafers immediately.
I do a full polish run of my shoes every weekend...takes like 10 minutes. 5 pairs, 2 minutes each and they're good to go for the next week
*clap clap clap*Hahahahaha
Yo foxy, you need to stop postin' pics of yourself with that stay-at-home bathroom backdrop bruh. I'm cringing so hard that I'm scared my face might keep it permanent. PS whoever mentioned that you can look good in a suit without a suit jacket on - it's a subjective matter, but like the other guy said, unless you have your proportions correct with the waist and the fitting of the shirt then it'll look just mad sloppy.
woo hoo no more discussion on boring watches!
Mixed feelings about Muji coming to Australia. But at least I can finally stock up on the notebooks without having to go overseas
Dude, you live at home with your parents. Of course you have the capacity to say that. I'm sure some people on here are need to pay rent and bills/have a family and don't necessarily have the income to always achieve #menswear level goods procurement. Know where to put your money where it matters in my opinion.Plus, just because you spend more time online perusing through menswear forums and blogs and have money doesn't mean you necessarily have any sort of taste.
rain rain go away
New Posts  All Forums: