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Belated Happy New Year to everyone!
I can see the the grid being overwhelming. It may be more pronounced in the photo because the fabric is duller irl. Thanks for the critique.Thanks, guys. The SC is partenopea - as was the grey flannel suit, charcoal suit and navy sc were la vera.
Thank you.Thanks for the critique. I agree the donegal purple tie and gray combo wasn't anything special, but I do like purple and gray together. And, Flying monkey - you should not take this website too seriously and really just pick and choose what you like and not what others go crazy for.I like it.Tonight. Same old. Tie is dark green.
Thank you sir. Do you lay your outfits out the night before?
Thanks guys. Tie is Panta. I agree on the taller shirt collar, but I guess that's the limitation of RTW.
Honestly, I prefer not to comment on fit too much and brand comparisons because everyone has their size and fitting quirks and I feel my comments are relatively useless because what works for me may not work for you. That said, La Vera requires zero alterations for me so the added expense is worth it (to me) for the quality and knowing what to expect.Is that the same fabric (cashmere) that you used for pants? A suit in that would be great (but very warm, no?).
The question is - do you pay attention to your shoelace knots?Thanks.I wish I had Ed's sportcoat collection. RIng Jacket is good quality for the price, but the fit is definitely not for the American market. The coat's shoulders slope forward slightly and it is larger in the chest and more shaped in the waist than pretty much any other RTW I've tried. My suit fits fine and the fabric is great, but I had to have it altered because it was nothing like my build which is...
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