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Quote: Originally Posted by butabi NORE, what are those shoes? Absolutely lovely! +1
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Just order all three and return the pairs you don't like. It crossed my mind, but I was hoping to avoid that.
With the clock ticking on the 15% kicker, I was hoping those of you with experience with the following pants would compare them in terms of fabric, construction, and fit (particularly how the "James" and "Chamonix" fit compared to the "Anthony" model). Really, any input would be helpful. Polo Preston Wool Serge pants RLBL James Wool pants RLBL Chamonix Wool Twill pants As usual the descriptions on the website aren't too helpful. Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by maverick Just try entering it and you will see the discount... Not all items on the website are discounted, but the ones shown in are. Just add anything on the website to your cart with the code and you will see if it is discounted or not. Just tried this, and it worked! Thank you very much.
I'm trying to purchase through the Pre-Sale Event online, but none of the items in my shopping cart reflect the 30%-40% discount. I have the one-time code, but haven't tried entering it because I believe that is only good for the additional 15%. Can anyone who bought online help me here?
Quote: Originally Posted by Septavius Purple Label has been available for purchase at the RL website again for some time now. I received an email recently announcing the reintroduction of Purple Label to the RL website. Check under "Knits & Fleece" on the Purple Label homepage to view the RLPL polos available.
Quote: Originally Posted by etb RL SA yesterday: "early/mid-November." Also said they wouldn't be doing the 30%+15%. Thanks for the info.
Very nice new additions. I especially like the grey flannels.
Any updates on F&F sales date?
Quote: Originally Posted by ville_e I picked these up in Budapest. Oxford Budapest in black on the U-last. Own this exact pair myself. Beautiful last/pattern combination!
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