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I'm exactly in that same position. I had an APC PS 31 which after some stretching still was pretty tight in the waist. Got me a new pair of PNS in 32 thinking it would be roomier in the top block PLUS sized up 32 vs 31. Seems kind of tight right off the bat....could you button up your PNS right away? And if you don't mind what is your height and weight?
Did APC change their sizing to be less vanity sized? I have a PS size 31 and it looks to have a larger waist than my new PNS 32. (was trying to go for the more roomy top block)
Going to throw this out there... I missed getting the original peacoat with the leather collar, wondering if that would be an option soon
looking for a MDR ~22 inch chest (approx size 51?) FS: thinking about selling my bball size 52 (fits small) send me PM
Gustin Slim Fit Size 33 "The Heavy" Fabric #1 Just tried on, otherwise brand new 13.75 oz redline Japan selvedge More info here: https://www.weargustin.com/campaigns/154 waist 33 front rise 10.5 thigh 11.25 inseam 36 leg opening 7.75 Original cost was $89 + shipping to Canada $10 Selling for $50 shipped!
APC Petite Standard Fit Sz 33 Tried on otherwise brand new Indigo Raw Redline Selvedge waist 34 front rise 10.5 thigh 11 inseam 36 leg opening 7.4 Purchased from Barney's New York for $185 plus tax Selling for $110 plus shipping
Hey, at least from my experience W+H fits slimmer, So I would require a L for W+H and the equivalent fit would be a M for RC
A wallet sounds quite cool, looking forward to seeing it first!
+1 would like to have a more "tapered" style fit like the APC Petit Standard or Petit New Standard. One thing I do not like of my Gustins is that the rise is much too high. So Yea: slimmer through the thigh, more taper knee down and lower rise Same great fabrics! Here is to wishing!
Got a size L Duffle coat in dark grey (latest version) in perfect condition, worn out maybe twice? 450 shipped or looking for a TOJ peacoat in black/navy size M
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