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Do you have a picture of the menu from the night you went?
Other than museums, what do you recommend to do in DC for two nights? Any suggestions welcome. If anybody knows if it's possible to go on a tour of the Capital, please let me know.
Who posted this on FT? Or vice versa?
Wealth management planning.
I already know that. Anything else? Should I ask him to critique what I am wearing, and how he'd improve it?
If this 20 bux thing doesn't work, as them if they have any upgrades available *now* and the price for them. Take or balk.
Use your credit card company/pull you have with frequent stays?
Anybody else?
I'm going to see a new tailor tomorrow and would like advice on some questions to ask him. I'm not sure if he's right for me, nor am I exactly sure what I want; what I see as good bespoke on some here all looks excellent, but if I tried something on I could say it's natural. I'll say this: while Kiton had a nice shoulder, I though the rest of the jacket was missing, and when I felt it, it didn't feel like anything. If that helps.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles You mean for non-BOFA deposits? Or are they just broken, lol? Non-BofA deposits.
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