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What do you think of the Filoli Mansion?
This will make Mike almost as sad as Edward Said... It was a beautiful old Willis Polk house in Russian Hill which Stern Post-modernized in his 80s style.
We have some family friends whose house was done by Stern. They are not nouveau riche, but they they seem to aspire to be.
He has taste like Tiger.
If your dong looks like that head to the doctor.
Don't be so binary. There is a great deal of nuance in weirdness.
Also, only anal on the couch?
Just my .02, but the "comfortable look" of a living room has more to do with how people live in it than the furniture. If you have seen red wine anxiety in rooms with overstuffed sofas, you know what I mean.
The only two I would look at would be the lower priced standard one (different name at different places, but at W-S it is the 200) for the reasons manton says, or the Vita-Prep 3, which is a little more powerful and has come down to be about equal in price with the normal line if you find a good discount. The downsides of it are a shorter warranty and less home friendly finishings. Or so I have heard, I have the 200 and wouldn't change. If you ate a ton of raw food,...
I've not had any Sardinian wine. What would typically Sardinian be?
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