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For the tart you have to cut and assemble ahead. For the julienne, I would guess ahead as well, but at six pm, not noon.
I like soups served tableside for the reason you mention. I think it goes double for inexperienced servers, to wit it is easier to pour from a pitcher than to skillfully walk two soup bowls across a room. That said, I hate the new trend of chefs showing up at the table to spoon over a sauce or pour soup. I don't know what to do with them when they get there. They all stare expectantly, and I kind of want them to leave quickly so that I can eat my food. It's an odd...
Tell them they don't need to split the tips with you.
That's insane. Maybe they are fucking with you or something. 20/hr plus travel expense is more than generous.
Veni, vidi, vici.
Is corby kummer another milt joke?
Tasting menus are problematic in some ways, and not in others, but Felix Salmon doesn't have much of a concept as to why, or much of a clue about a lot of things he references. I remember when he wasn't such a caricature of himself.
I'll keep my baby daddies away from your caviar!The Japanese word for cod milt, being Japanese and all, apparently translates into "white children."
I do hate wine lists these days.
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