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I hate okra. I don't actually mind brussel sprouts, though I can't say I understand the devotion to them, but other than pickled, okra is too snotty for me.
I hate brussel sprouts.
I do love potlikkers.
You should make that your location.
Foodguy is apparently the hipsterest dude of a certain age.
Kale is the hipsterest vegetable now that brussel sprouts are mainstream.
What is last chance kitchen? Is that like when you call your friend because you don't know the answer yourself?
Well, if they aren't on vacation, they can ship for delivery within a week. I don't think he specifies which kind, but my book is currently loaned out to somebody.
The vanilla tasting set is worth getting if you ever place an order for anything, if only to see how different they can be.
Epices Roellinger. He stocks a number of different ones from different regions, and they are all unique.
New Posts  All Forums: