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Is that forum seriously still around?
I don't want to say higher quality, because I don't personally think vg-10 steel is any better than the vg-1 Mac uses (generally believed, they are mum on it.) VG-10 can be made a bit harder, but it chips more easily, and as I said, just because somebody who is a really good sharpener can get it marginally sharper doesn't mean that you can or that the difference makes any difference at all.
Hunts, you can do as you like. I am still scarred from watching Kyle and my lovely wife consume cappucinos after dinner one night. He needs strict rules.
I think this is right because honyaki knives have a hamon line and are monosteel. Most Japanese knives are clad, though, and the edge material usually has a pretty distinct line.@b1os - neither the Mac nor Tojiro handles are solid wood, so the grain you are seeing is decorative. They are both layered veneer, which is better because it doesn't expand, contact and crack in a wet environment. Theoretically, the Tojiro is made of a better steel. It is definitely made of a...
Have a good amount of experience with it. I don't think it is worth doing for the vinegar, but if you want to do a little experiment with one of your kids...
His highness came over and fixed it.
CG's cheese blog is pretty much the only one I read. I don't tumble or any of those other things. I think my technological development has ended, though I did install a motherboard in something today.
I was told they are not silly on this very site. People are dying on the streets of France.
Did they hurt you too bad in there?
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