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I like fang.
Oh for Christ's sake. Was the embossed tofu not enough?
I spent a half hour or so with a fellow Styleforuvm member at the squash tournament at Grand Central a few weeks ago. I bring this up because one of the neat features was that the matches were in a class cube, so as a spectator you could see everything, but the way the glass was lit made the players feel like they were in a normal squash court with regular walls. They didn't see out. I am wondering if the rear wall of your Morimoto toilet stall is lit like that. Do you...
California produces half a million tons of walnuts a year and you are lucky to see a fresh walnut once in your life.
You pour boiling water over them and let them sit a bit. The ones he is peeling are fresh, so the skin is not dried and is still tender, see the super white meat on the walnut, and those you just pull off in one piece. The dried ones go more slowly, but like everything else, you get a rhythm. Also, like Shibbel, I have found the pre shelled ones almost impossible to peel.
When she was growing up, my mother's family had a couple restaurants on and about Times Square. When I was little my uncle had sold them and opened porno shops in the same area.
Make it day of. It can sit at cool room temp for several hours, if you don't have the food police looking in on you.
Not only do I peel walnuts, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting my wife, ask her which job I give her in the kitchen when she offers up her services. For New Years, I had my wife and mother peeling walnuts for an hour.
It's just crepes and pastry cream layered. Like 15 crepes or so.
Make a crepe cake.
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