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I have a bourrellec chair and no television in my bedroom.
That's not con trad.
You have strong gaydar, my friend.
For me, there is no compromise. I only turn the TV on for the Masters.
I understand it is a bother, but far too few people interact in human ways and just sit and veg out in front of the TV. Also, the TV arms race is disconcerting especially when people re-up on a bigger size in lieu of paying their bills. A TV isn't always bad, but I do think its prominence signals what is wrong, it isn't necessarily wrong in itself. I don't mind dragging out my laptop if I need to show somebody something./fuumatt
No, it won't mean that. Mirrors can be antique, etched, have special frames etc. We have a mirror with a one off burnt antique frame in the foyer, and I like that while if it functioned as a mirror rather than an exhibition of the frame I would not. So it wouldn't mean that.That said, I don't like televisions in public areas. I think they signal a lot of what is wrong with our world today. The idea of having a television morph into a mirror is even worse since it is...
Honest answer?
God that is horrifying.
The original doors in our place have nice b cups on them.
To be fair, 99% of the women in the city who can get away with it are there.
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