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The Nut sucks.
Just rent a movie about San Francisco when it used to be good.
I thought they were lumberjack hats.
Do people get to pick their own fish for dinner?
One swoons.
I wipe my ass with my shoes.
Foo, will you join my jury duty threak?
Man is on trial for violating a family court restraining order. He was restrained for alleged domestic violence, but the violence was not so clear cut as he was acquitted in criminal court on the charge. Family courts have different standards. So, he and this woman have a four year relationship, they have a child, they split, he has some visitation and there is not implication from anybody that he is a bad father or she is a bad mother. They simply do not get along and...
i have poasted it in dumb threads.
I didn't tell you about my jury duty, did I?
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