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Gualala. Only catch and release.My wife is getting a new pup in March, so Norbert will have a sister. He is a river runner, she will swim.
My pencil is big and yellow.
We are in the middle of the annoying process of remodeling in San Francisco. Ugh.
Just to be clear, that isn't what I was trying to say. I don't mean that foo or I have deep experience, but that people like T4, manton and Alden do in that they have had multiple longer relationships with all sorts of tailors, and that kind of knowledge has been supplanted by the Tailor Tasting Menu.
I don't think one type of relationship is better than the other, but they have their own particular merits. It isn't just routine versus novelty, but familiarity versus diversity. Some people may want a bunch of different things and value that. Somebody else might like to know that if they need something special quickly, they can count on a longer relationship making that more likely. Similarly, a longer relationship makes divergence from the norm more likely. See,...
I still have a place in the city, I just only go there when absolutely required. I was in San Francisco for fifteen minutes yesterday, for example.
I'm less grumpy than I have ever been. I spent an hour at the river today, then two and a half hours walking the coastline. It doesn't suck. Tomorrow I will do the same, but then the Miele man comes to rip me back to reality. I don't think there is another person within a quarter mile of me right now. I am now going to use my rather slow internet to become a man in some sweaters.
As Matt pointed out, the discussion wasn't about how good the tailors in question are, but about how they relate to their clients and how flexible they are.Look, I don't give a shit about any of this. I dislike the Styleforum interview culture and the weird way people seem to amass "knowledge" through experiences rather than through experience, but these days I live 50 feet from the Pacific ocean pretty close to the middle of nowhere and put a suit on only to go into the...
New Posts  All Forums: