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You seem awfully sour.
We plan on learning from our neighbors this year. You?
It doesn't affect function unless you are the asshole who looks off to his right and wonders why he can't see himself.
The only reason you wouldn't be able to is if you looked away from the mirror. Idiot.
It never occurred to me that it would be centered. I mean it is centered, just on the edge not the middle of the sink. I don't necessarily like the look of a line of round things, and a flat round over a round vessel looks like a lid.
The glass is non green acid etched, so it is basically white. It is backlit by the shower for the powder room and by the powder room for the shower. You can't really see much through it, and the assumption is that when we have guests we will not be showering. We converted 2 bedrooms to one, so without overnight guests it is a pretty fair assumption.The tombstone is Maurizio cattelan for gufram, the company that did all the awesome expanded foam stuff from the 60s/70s. It's...
Nice try, but no.
No. Next.
And why would the mirror be on center?
The tp works guys. It's not hard to use.
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