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Foo, what do you think of this room?
Has foo come to his senses yet?
Not. In fact, the whole company seems to have changed. One original partner was booted and they have gone more to smallwares stuff. A lot of it is really cool, though. It hasn't gone downhill as much as refocused. We considered that bench seriously for our old place where we had a perfect spot for it. In our current places it wouldn't make sense. It is the most fun piece of furniture to be on I have ever experienced. Really awesome.
Droog. Come a little bit closer.
I get to do what I want without criticism or even reality.
we could call it the foobaire.
what do you think of an overstuffed bench?
Are you going with overstuffed brown leather or overstuffed bordeaux leather?
Nobody sits in benches and the tafel is ugly, so it is neither useful nor attractive.
New Posts  All Forums: