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What about a nonstick pan?
Probably because nobody gives a shit.
Glad you guys liked it.
It's really great. Seasoning is wonderful. Cooking is great. It's super impressive.
Max's food, what I have tried of it, is better than any restaurant I've been to in the US in the last two years other than Urasawa. For real.
Haven't you ruined enough good threads with your stupid shit, Hayward?
Blah, blah, blah. None of this responds at all to why there is an interest in keeping people from killing themselves, nor does it address the two stupidities from your previous statement that 1) the bridge jumpings are impulsive and 2) life is worth more than an impulsive decision. The second is meaningless, the first is most likely untrue given that it is one of the more difficult ways to kill yourself, and takes a good deal of planning as opposed to, say, a razor...
I imagine most jumpers have already proved it to the first group.Not only is this meaningless as a whole, each of its parts is terribly silly and lame.
Why, exactly, do we want to prevent suicides?
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