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fugly, as expected.
No shit.
Why does he call it a Y ygrec? I only see one Y on the bottle.
You are an idiot, have awful style and your white chairs are fugly. And I say that having both Demeyere and Fissler and almost no All Clad.
Probably, but that is why I have furniture, or a wife below me.
I'm so happy to have no wood floors in my life these days.
ugh, no. I have had it before when a friend waited for lunch. It's kind of an annoying place, and the food basically sucks, but there is no wait for buying beer and now that we live up here it is a pretty easy place to go. I like the Catholic beers a lot. I am generally sensitive to bitter flavors, so that is probably why I like BP more. I like Pliny the Elder because it is sooooooo balanced, even if it isn't a flavor I love. I hate it because of all of the twats in...
I don't like it. I prefer Blind Pig to regular Pliny anyway. I mean, both are very good, but BP is better. My wife really loves Pliny, so there you go.
We are well into a growler of Pliny for birthday. Lines were crazy there today.
Nobody where I live has AC and a lot of people have mainly floor heating. The thing is that idfnl is an idiot, but you are a bigger idiot and it even makes him look less stupid.
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