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Who told you the W was on Union Square? Also, it reeks of date rape.
You are amazingly cool.
Not necessarily. If you cook it to a lower temp, you need to cook it longer to give the collagen a chance to melt. The collagen softening is what gives long cooked barbecue its moistness, but it is at the expense of cooking to a really high temp, which squeezes out all of the juices. Dry meat is just kind of the deal with barbecue, so maybe just get a fattier piece next time or something.
The amount of drying from dry atmosphere in a piece that size will be minimal once you get inside the first few millimeters of crust. It is certainly negligible when compared to the amount of interior drying caused by cooking the meat to such a high temperature.
I'd happily install that in my back yard.
Looking at this again, the net/netless dichotomy is a perfect metaphor for the disutility of such projects.
Books are the next big thing!Seriously, while people can do what they want, this kind of project is reminiscent of a lot of the good money wasted on vanity projects.They'd probably have preferred the internets.
Did he mention The Truth?
The Fisherman's Wharf of the '10s.
Leave the city.
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