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Did he mention The Truth?
The Fisherman's Wharf of the '10s.
Leave the city.
I can't even begin to explain how much fun we are having with him, but yeah, high energy is an understatement. And he is growing up so fast. What tired him out on day one he laughs at now. He's taking to training really quickly, super smart and you can see him trying to figure things out, which is really cool. He's also meeting a lot of people each day, we want to make him safe in a city. He seems to prefer women with large breasts and tattoos, and who doesn't, but...
That was from the breeder. Last one is in our backyard.
Yeah, our vet said wait 18 months. She loves the breed and worked with a lot of them when she worked a more rural area. She said that not only was it healthier for them, but that these dogs look really silly without their nice, masculine heads. The terrorist in a fur coat thing doesn't bother us so much.My wife has begun to feel a little skittish running before dawn through the city, so our first thought was about getting a dog that would really enjoy running long...
So far he is a blast. Picks things up really quickly, shows no physical fear at all and has a great temperament. Quite a change from our last little guy, but very much in line with what we both grew up with, though probably a little tougher. Can't promise anything on the balls.My wife is about to lose it with all of the "it's a rescue*, right?" shit in San Francisco, but maybe that is for another thread.*rescue dogs are great, but having one doesn't make you a better...
Yes. Home for a week now.
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