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I like it more in a short stool/table.
I use a couple of different things, depending on where we are. This was on the bradley. It was great. I cooked it at 220 until 190 inside, then lowered the heat to 180 and held it there for five more hours. Super tender but without any of the dryness you sometimes get. The rub I used was kind of fly by the seat of my pants, but it worked out well too.
No. It doesn't.
I smoked a brisket overnight last night. Never done dino ribs. Those are basically beef spare ribs, right? My mother used to simmer them, then coat in dijon and breadcrumbs and broil. So good.
I've always been wary of cooking something like fillet sous vide, and especially that thick. I think it tends to mush up a bit if left in a long time, and a 6" steak has to be in a long time. Never done it, though, but just my worry.
I used to play a lot of golf with Joe Kwok who used to get in epic arguments with Todd on the phone and, I think, online. GolfOpinions, from which Todd got his start, was my first forum experience.
yeah. its one of the worst i've seen.
God that looks awful. Might as well just post it after you digest.
I just realized that our shitter not only has no door, but it also has a two sided fireplace that functions as a window for viewing.
Taste of what? Dogshit?
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