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San Francisco sucks.
IIRC, there is a good tiramisu in one of the Ducasse grande livres.
I mostly drink Coors Light, butthis is one of my faves. We pick more up every time we run out. I like sour pretty much anything, candy, acidic wine, vinegar etc, so sour beer is right up my alley.
Yeah, I really dislike them, but my tastes in beer can be kind of odd. I have been drinking Sculpin Grapefruit a bit recently. I generally am not a big IPA guy, but these are quite excellent. Also the Almanac hoppy sour ale, which is great.
I think they are awful.
Honestly can't say I have seen anybody, in any subject, progress faster.
You can. I have. It works very well.
they are cheap and doing yakitori or korean bbq at the table is a lot of fun.
I do.
fugly, as expected.
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