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The inside of my fridge is the tits.
Dogpatch Sour is back.
I went to the going away party for the lady who ran our local PO up north. Very nice people there.
Left that shit behind.A few weeks ago we worked on heeling using the tai chi-ers in Washington square as a distraction.
Great chair.
Thanks. It's a bed called bed by cappellini.
The roof is low to block the neighbors. The convention on our street, which is only a few houses, is to stagger the houses on the lots so that everybody has a view in both directions, water and meadow, and to block the view of neighbors so nobody has to start worrying about privacy in their yards and start putting up shades and fences. It has worked pretty well so far. We didn't build it, and I have only spoken briefly to the architect, so I can't speak more to it. As...
Thanks. We were really lucky to find it. They definitely did some things that we wouldn't have chosen, especially in the bedroom where there are just too many different materials, but overall it is really, really wonderful, and we feel like we are living a dream when we are up here. It has definitely changed us for the better as people, and opened our eyes to things we didn't know about before.
I would not have chosen it myself, but it is a nice place to eat. We didn't do anything to this place at all, other than furnish it. The little city place looked like a clown's boudoir when we got it (not kidding) so we did a lot of work.
For the peanut gallery, here is our place up north.
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