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Trading SH for Hayward is like trading foie gras and truffles for the runny shit that comes out of my asshole the next day.
His future is Calcutta Marble?
Nice guy too. And does everything he can to get you what you want, when you need it.
Godwining an architecture thread? Really?
It's nice to know you are an idiot in many realms, and not just in one or two.
So, our vet came by today because her kid wanted to meet the puppy and we got to talking again about castration. She said that there was some new info coming from a study on Viszlas that indicated, again, better long term health from keeping a dog intact, particularly w/r/t cancers. Anyway, she said that we might want to think of a vasectomy if we could handle the scorn from our fellow residents over swinging balls. I get the belief about no dogs off leash, but that...
Nicely cooked.
I think her point is not about choke collars but about the inability of the vast majority of people to use them in a way that gets better obedience out of their dogs. Her point is that people tend to correct them too late, correct them too gently, and pull on them at the wrong times, which means that dogs rarely learn much. I think she said that the prong collars, while more brutal looking (and likely to get you egged in San Francisco) actually help alleviate a lot of...
A friend of mine worked wit (I believe her name was) Hera after the attack. She tried really hard to save the girl from being put down but said that there was no way with the male, that it was a dog that couldn't live in the human world. That said, she also agrees with your point on harnesses as a general rule, but also points out that in general people use collars that are too large, and that 99.9% of dog owners have such bad timing with corrections along with an...
Drakkar, sweat and regret.
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