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What is it like to be that dumb guy everywhere you go?
Mafoo seems to dislike the word stylist for some reason. That is exactly what Mariano is. And thank God. He has wonderful taste in fabrics, ties etc. I have relied on him heavily. On the other hand, my experience is that he is pretty darn involved with what the shape of the jacket should be, and I have heard him more than once saying to Gennaro to change things in certain ways he thinks best, whether that is a slightly rounder shoulder, more extension, more ease in...
This generational change at Rubinacci would be interesting and important to note if the shop had been founded by a tailor and not by the first Rubinacci who was also a stylist. He had a head tailor, and business was as it remains. I think the first tailor was somebody notable, but his departure apparently wasn't felt until this month.
Bugger saw the whistle before I blew it, but more fun at the river.
Thanks. There was a store in Beverly Hills called Rocco and they carried Abla and Brioni in generally awful fabrics. It was a pretty neat place for its time.
Hey Marco, when I was first getting into tailored clothing, which was like the late 80s, there was a brand called abla. I think it might have been a brand from Naples, and I remember seeing a plaque in a fancy store in Naples showing it many years later. Any knowledge of it. Seemed very high end to a young guy.
I've never met Luca, but I did talk to Mariano about the issue of tailors leaving back when I was a more active client and didn't wear hoodies most days. He recognized that it would happen, and that there is great value to having been his head tailor with regard to reputation. He also made clear, and always did, that the service he provides is his taste (and now Luca's I suppose, again we have never met,) resources, knowledge, language facilities and quality of tailoring...
The first step to recovery is realizing how far from reality San Francisco is.
We should have a Gualala SF Meetup. We could go to the abandoned hotel.
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