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Kartell has unbelievable engineering and qc, and everything is exactly the plastic it is. Much better qc than the Dwr classic stuff.
If you look at the food starting with fish #1 it is pretty damn classic looking. Simple too.
Those little balls are mushroom brioche, steamed so that the texture is really consistent. They are absolutely wonderful and quite classic. Just a bite. I don't remember the rock but the dish couldn't be more up your alley taste wise.
There is really nothing "weird" about the Can Roca meal, and the food is fucking fantastic.
That assumes you are correct about the level of quality for which they are controlling.
There are a million great lights once you get past the constraints of period furniture on display here.
I get nothing from the PH lamps.
Looking good.
Neither would be problematic if the canopies were the same color as the ceiling.
The other light, where it hangs down at
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