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Nothing says full artistic license like working with foo.
Warrior fans are no more ridiculous than Giants fans.
You two make a beautiful couple.
No idea. I am not a material snob. I figure they (whoever they are) are picking the correct material for the job because they have no reason not to. I am also not in the market for a table, and if I were I wouldn't be buying a Gamma or that other ugly one.
I can almost guarantee it is MDF, but whatever, it doesn't matter to me. I find it dubious that they would use particle board for a table that is generally lacquered, as all of their other lacquer work tends to be on MDF. That goes double for the clean miter. I don't even think lower quality particle board is paint grade. Same for veneer. For melamined stuff, yes. I am not able to feel the length and continuity of fibers when I knock on wood. YMMV.
Wood and MDF/Particle board*? It all depends on weight, and I don't spend time tapping my tables. I'm pretty sure all particle board is denser than solid wood, so I am assuming the non solid wood ones feel too dense, too solid?*MDF is a subset of particle board, and I imagine the tables you are looking at are MDF or something very similar, no matter what a sales associate says.
To the touch all you feel is the exterior, and veneer is as solid as solid wood "to the touch." I really don't know what you mean. It seems to me that you remain under the misapprehension that solid wood is superior to veneered wood, and that it is the mark of finer furniture.
That's strange seeing that particle board basically is wood through a through, just not solid wood. The Gamma sounds like a bad choice for you, given that you don't like wear on things. The e15 table would be a bad choice for me, given that I don't like ugly things.
I don't know how you define this. Are you comparing it to other veneers or to an ideal personal standard.As far as the junction, I prefer a standard top stacked on legs to the contrived look of the e15. It isn't as horrible when the wood is more massive, but then again a thin solid wood table is kind of weird in and of itself.
Suitable for what? The dump?
New Posts  All Forums: