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Lefty, what do you make of all of the pit advocates these days? It seems that they believe pits are the only breed without instincts. By that I mean, I expect my dog to be a pushy asshole and to want to chase things and I fear he will eventually nip a kid, so I am careful knowing these things. But pit advocates try to paint the dogs as having no particular fighting instincts, to be super stable etc. they boast about temperament testing results, knowing that they basically...
Now the SF Approved Sofa. Ours should be here in a few months.
Any good 07 should have minimum a decade left.
We are training with Norbert's training hero today. He is very excited.
I don't like the look of visible bottles (I also wear pants despite my huge cock,) but other than that, it isn't my style but isn't offensive in any way.
Have you done nosework with yours? Norbert freaking loves it. It gives him a chance to use a part of his body that is generally just put to bad use (finding poop, critters, food on the ground) and use it for good. It also is a really good problem solving skill.
Six months today.
Both have horrible furniture. Almost ruins the big sur place.
Kartell has unbelievable engineering and qc, and everything is exactly the plastic it is. Much better qc than the Dwr classic stuff.
If you look at the food starting with fish #1 it is pretty damn classic looking. Simple too.
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