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There seems to be a similar (unimportant) collapse on Kolecho's right side.
I didn't realize Castro Valley had a sought after neighborhood.
Twat alert!!!
I don't play anymore, but I always carried my own bag unless it was a tournament or qualifier and it made more sense to have a friend do it.
Elaborate, please. I am dying to understand your point.
Which is why I elaborated. I didn't feel it was proper for me to allow the wet farts of the forum to create their own history without piping in because I was, you know, there and listening.
I don't know. I think noticing shoulder discrepancies and dealing with them is part of tailoring, so it would be odd to me to do nothing about it. I guess I can't really answer. I just wanted to clarify because it seemed like a lot of people with no knowledge were making up fact as they went along. I don't really care about what people think of my jackets, but I do think it is my responsibility to clarify what happened since I did, at one time, display somebody's work...
FWIW, as I alluded to above, my right shoulder is extremely dropped, which is a combination of, I suppose, genetics and years of competitive and semi-competitive golf. There is a lot of correction in my coat for that, to the point that it is not noticeable in person or in motion. During early fittings, the issue came up about whether it made sense to correct more by building up, which was the only further correction they could really do, or whether to leave the coat as...
Yes. It ranks up there with being part of the resistance.
I don't think it is much of a discussion. You are Runway John Rambo with a little reevesie and a sandy vagina, you probably have a pinchy face and the only person who thinks you have a good sense of humor is my mother.
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