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incorrect. I am pooping right now.
Incorrect. Those are made for standing wipers. That is the more elegant way to wipe.
I know this might be mind blowing to some of the more provincial folks on here, but this is pretty standard bathroom setup.
It has a stopper on the end, it isn't just a stick. And it isn't anywhere near your elbow, unless you are built like a freak.Again, this surprises me because most nicer bathrooms I've been in or seen have the TP holder placed just about there, and they almost all have tankless/wall hung toilets. May just be an experiences thing.
The toilet paper isn't recessed into the wall, and it is hardly difficult to grab. Jesus Christ, it is totally normal to have tp placed there. You people are bizarre.
I imagine it is hard to watch the best of yourself sucked down the drain.
You guys are not thinking straight. Note that the toilet is wall hung, meaning the tank is in the wall, not sitting next to it, so you don't have to reach behind you, it is right next to your hand. You just need to think outside your own experiences a bit.
I don't know what you guys are going on about w/r/t the tp holder. You can't even see it in the picture, it is hidden by toilet paper. Also, can somebody post a SF approved tp holder? Is it made of rebar for those shits where you have to hold on for dear life?
The inside of my fridge is the tits.
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