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Of course. Not in the shower, but otherwise.
That one is gross.
The yoo chair has better tension in its design. It's quite sensual. With the peg legs the fukasawa looks a lot like a high chair that got kneecapped.
The yoo chair is nicer looking.
I like it. It has a niCe warmth while remaining decidedly contemporary
Which are you? Discuss.
We grilled tri tip and had three growlers from Russian River. The group saw it as Pliny, Pig then Erudition. I thought Pig was better than Pliny. They really are a good deal better for my palate than other ipas and iipas.
That looks real george.
We've gone induction in both places. It is sooooo much better than gas imo. Slight learning curve, but worth it.
Did he really leave? Kind of makes me sad that he is so sensitive underneath all of that bluster. You feel for the guy.
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