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Yeah, who would think that with all of the things available to me, I find spending time with him, and especially training, to be my absolute favorite activity.
So, going back to this, what has surprised me is how much my criteria has changed for him. It has gone from I want a dog who doesn't pull, to walks on the left, to doesn't sniff, to pays attention when we walk, to looks at me to goose steps on command and pivots around me rather than turns normally. I would have thought that increasing my demands would have put more stress on our relationship, but it only makes it stronger. Another thing related to some posts upstream...
Seems like you are a little too into Big Sur, dude.
Sea Ranch is great. It is a little too community feeling for my taste, but the coastline is amazing and the architecture is really nice. This is right near by, so you get all of the best of CA without too many of the people:
At Sea Ranch. Last "town" of Sonoma before Mendocino.
It's well north. You don't have to hate it.
Hayward is a cunt. He ruins most of the threads he is in. This was one of the good ones on SF. No more.
Today he decided to confine a contractor to our bathroom. Thankfully he was working in there. The guy thought Norbert really liked him because he was spending so much time near him when he could be doing anything.The one thing we are not training him to do is to be a "non-cattle dog" in the attempt to make him a nice, docile house pet. That seems like a waste. We call him the house pest, but he is actually becoming a very livable young guy. His trainer breeds mals, so...
My issue is that at all times you are dealing with temperament issues that are apparent, and also breed specific issues that aren't necessarily until you get a trigger. At least, that is my theory.
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