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I don't think it is much of a discussion. You are Runway John Rambo with a little reevesie and a sandy vagina, you probably have a pinchy face and the only person who thinks you have a good sense of humor is my mother.
Dude, he talks about himself in the third person and says he is the John Rambo of the fashion industry. He is either blessed with an unbelievable sense of humor or he is a complete twat. We have seen that he doesn't have a sense of humor, no matter what my mom told him.As to my right side/shoulder, I am not going to get into the discussion other than to say that my build in that way is extreme, and the solution was a negotiated compromise.
Look, David Reeves has to build his suitcase pimp bespoke business, and it seems like he, in the classic way of an Englishwoman, has gotten a little tipsy and ended up with some sand in his vagina. I don't mean that in a bad way, the face of pub based evolution in the UK is one of the wonders of our modern age. I am sure he will feel better in the morning. His clothing is certainly well suited to a walk of shame.
That they are drunks with no holes barred?
I really doubt that middle class men between 30 and 50 make up much of the bespoke orders.
This is all very interesting, but can we get back to the discussion of why English people have severely inbred pinchy faces, and why, no matter how drunk and randy their women get, they can't seem to breed this defect out of the line?
Whoever told you your sense of humor was robust was lying their pinchy little face off.
Ugh. This reminds me of my mother's place.
I guess that it is going to take several generations to get rid of the inbred pinch. Shit is strong.
New Posts  All Forums: