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I have everything I will ever need already.
The only way to tall if balance is correct is if Rubinacci made it. If so, incorrect. If made by a smaller tailor, correct. fwiw, I like the jacket.
Den in small city apartment.
What do you mean?
Sample piece from the same cut of veneer. Unbleached oil and water finish, bleached oil and water finish.We are using mainly heartwood, and, as I said above, in a random-ish pattern.
doubtful. It is two walls of random matched European walnut on MDF that will be bleached and finished with no sheen.
I am serious. Install starts monday.
Our walnut paneling arrives today.
Doesn't this belong in your hopsa and galop?It's as useful as any other chaise, which is to say only marginally.
When did the cool furniture thread become the wine fridge thread?
New Posts  All Forums: