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A rocking chair?
Not really. They are often lower and have fewer lines, so they are visually less distracting even if physically more massive. A sectional is the best alternative, followed by two two seaters. Now, there can always be reasons for a compromise, but a sofa and two chairs standing in for a sectional or two sofas in an L shape is a big compromise indeed.
Yes, I agree that the Eames would look like like shit facing down an alley. It is my contention that it would look merely awful facing the way you suggest. It looks good floating, with a single sofa, or with a desk. It doesn't look good in a seating arrangement like this, imo. You guys seem to love chairs that separate yourselves from the rest of the world. I don't.
It really doesn't, though. With a sectional you can lie with your heads both at the corner, or with toes touching, or seat yourselves in many different ways. The two chair and a sofa setup seems to be a huge compromise to me. Also, with two chairs and a sofa you are kind of locked into using a monolithic coffee table, while with a sectional, since you have only one thing going on, you can be more creative with a small table setup that can fit your needs.I don't like...
I generally think a sectional is best if you have the space. More versatile for moving from 6 to 2 people, and way less complicated visually.
are you sure you want to center the fireplace. I think it generally looks better at about 1/3 2/3.
How many people do you want to seat there?
Had a Prairie Bomb last night. Really liked it even though it is about as far from my preferred style as is possible.
Do you use plastic furniture covers? Dental dams?
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