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That was from the breeder. Last one is in our backyard.
Yeah, our vet said wait 18 months. She loves the breed and worked with a lot of them when she worked a more rural area. She said that not only was it healthier for them, but that these dogs look really silly without their nice, masculine heads. The terrorist in a fur coat thing doesn't bother us so much.My wife has begun to feel a little skittish running before dawn through the city, so our first thought was about getting a dog that would really enjoy running long...
So far he is a blast. Picks things up really quickly, shows no physical fear at all and has a great temperament. Quite a change from our last little guy, but very much in line with what we both grew up with, though probably a little tougher. Can't promise anything on the balls.My wife is about to lose it with all of the "it's a rescue*, right?" shit in San Francisco, but maybe that is for another thread.*rescue dogs are great, but having one doesn't make you a better...
Yes. Home for a week now.
Since there is no visible black pepper, it isn't actually carbonara (hi Kyle!), but it sounds good.
I have a strong bias toward regional food and wine pairings, so when I hear quiche Lorraine, I am most likely to think an Alsatian wine. Probably a sylvaner over a riesling or gew├╝rztraminer, but any of the above would be good. I don't really like German riesling as a rule, but there are a few exceptions.
No, that's true. There is nothing wrong with them, and that isn't insignificant. I think they force you into a certain way of living, one which is pretty sanitized. I don't think they allow you to grow and change your life within the house, which makes them very distinct from a lot of the other stuff which, at first glance, looks similar.
I don't know if you like them or not. I just know you posted them. I am sure the trophy wives living in these places are tasty, though.
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