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Thanks. We were really lucky to find it. They definitely did some things that we wouldn't have chosen, especially in the bedroom where there are just too many different materials, but overall it is really, really wonderful, and we feel like we are living a dream when we are up here. It has definitely changed us for the better as people, and opened our eyes to things we didn't know about before.
I would not have chosen it myself, but it is a nice place to eat. We didn't do anything to this place at all, other than furnish it. The little city place looked like a clown's boudoir when we got it (not kidding) so we did a lot of work.
For the peanut gallery, here is our place up north.
one side induction, the other side teppanyaki. anybody looking for copper pots, pm me.
Thanks. It's actually in sf. It's really small so we wanted to open it into being just one room. We are really happy so far with the decisions we made, but still in the unpacking period.
I think it is great. Is it the steelwood?
nobody cares about you.
you don't bother me. i just think your batting average is below mendoza.
A lot of people think they are critical thinkers.
Thanks. We are really happy. We went from a big place in a very desirable location to a very small one, about 1/3 the size, so we kind of felt like we could just do what we wanted. It was a really fun project, though in the end, we are still talking about a place in SanFo.
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