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What kind of hat is appropriate for doing yard work in the sun but still looking cool.
You are kind of boring.
Foo and I like many of the same things, but we don't like them for the same philosophical reasons, which would put a strain on our marriage.
I don't think foo and I could live together.
I'm not really into costumes.
Trews as in tartan pants? I have at least one pair, maybe two.But no, I don't foresee needing special garments for anything. Maybe if I get fat, but then I will probably just wear a toga.
We have Morrison beds in both places. Simple design, comfortable headboard.
I think I'm safe. I'm not a collector.
I have everything I will ever need already.
The only way to tall if balance is correct is if Rubinacci made it. If so, incorrect. If made by a smaller tailor, correct. fwiw, I like the jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: