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Or hairdresser or janitor.
Rose Etherington: Why is it that we can't refer to John Pawson as an architect? Sarah Loukes: It's because we work in accordance with the Architects' Act 1997 and within that act - it's actually section 20 of that act - it specifically protects the title “architect” and so in order for a person to use that title they need to be registered with us at the ARB. So it's protected by law, but the act as I think I mentioned in my letter is very specific and it does only...
Reading this post makes me want to hurl.
They are both ugly. But not so similar.
Looks like somebody with a lot of money really wanted a tract house.
The roof/pool get up and exterior are spectacular. There is stuff I don't love about the interior, but I wouldn't kick it out of bed.
Gotcha's daughter. Gotcha is too old now to breed. Really similar dog, but didn't grow up with somebody who mostly worked with mals, so barnhunt, flyball and earthdog rather than retrieve and bitework. We are going to take Norbert to do barnhunt as well. He will probably be more motivated to find deer poop than rats, but you never know.
Have you seen this?
Oh, we are getting another pup soon so the wife has her own pal. Getting a border terrier from a sport oriented line. Norbert has grown up playing with the grandfather and aunt, who belong to his trainer, and he seems to think more highly of borders than other breeds. They are amazing little dogs, and crazy hunters. Grandma:
Yeah, who would think that with all of the things available to me, I find spending time with him, and especially training, to be my absolute favorite activity.
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