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Private schools are shut too. I guess rain is too scary for the new San Franciscans. So glad I am out of that place.
It is an absolute fact that architecture in San Francisco has to be awful, so this will be awful.
I do like bearnaise. I don't eat it much, but it is hard to beat with a rare steak and some nice fries.
Oh, got you. I meant I don't think my way is better, it just is [my way.]
Sure. Whatever makes the individual happy is fine with me.
Don't recall the shoes. Pretty sure they are brown. The fabric is a vintage mid brown flannel with cream and orange stripes.
At the time it was made for me I believed it to be ideal -- I was definitely satisfied. After a few more, the original one seemed less fine tuned as time went on. It is a nice jacket, but it isn't as good as what they have done since.As to your main point, I am not tedious like most of the people here. Yes, I am looking for a great fit and a particular look, but more than that I am looking for an overall feel and experience of wearing the clothing, so it isn't about a...
i'm 99% sure the top vest is from their archive and wasn't made for Mariano.
It just never settled into my body like subsequent jackets did. Not sure how to describe it, the coat just felt like it worked against me and none of the others have ever been that way. It is nice, no doubt. But the fit is not as good.
New Posts  All Forums: