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Those kind of straddle types 3 and 4 and have different bad outcomes.
Yes, and this kind of pet project is generally a type 3 spending clusterfuck.
I made guacamole with avocado, garlic and lime vinegar last night. Very nice combination if I may say so myself.
I've always wanted to make that Vol-au-Vent from the first Alleno book. I think that is what I would want if I were turning 80. As an appetizer I love the foie gras and pigeon, cold with mache from the Grand Livre (original.) I think that may be my favorite dish overall. What about individual wild game pies with a royale sauce. I think the idea of something super rich like a Royale is great, it is just the beef doesn's shine in that one. Edit: It is more rustic, but...
Yes, but honestly it wasn't that great. I understand the idea of doing it, and the sauce was really amazing, but the tenderloin loses a lot being cooked for that long. I imagine you will think it is OK, but a poor cousine to Hare a la Royale.
When I was there a few times ago, there was a meeting of French pols below, some were recognizable. They were sending down super simple stuff, not menu items. Like insalata caprese on a big platter simple, and a big bowl of strawberries. Not a bad place to snack on seasonal produce. Back when people thought he was crazy for having his own farms, he used to sell what he didn't use at Grand Marche. I guess you just needed to know when they were going to drop the...
George and Gracie were the only talent not barred from the house while my father was growing up.
You are so continental.
A woman needs a certain degree of structure.
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