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I used to play a lot of golf with Joe Kwok who used to get in epic arguments with Todd on the phone and, I think, online. GolfOpinions, from which Todd got his start, was my first forum experience.
yeah. its one of the worst i've seen.
God that looks awful. Might as well just post it after you digest.
I just realized that our shitter not only has no door, but it also has a two sided fireplace that functions as a window for viewing.
Taste of what? Dogshit?
Every time I see A Y I think of old Andre who was a good poster, and then I realize who it really is and realize that I'm not so interested.
a flute?
No. Well, if you are making dry caramel and need to cool the pan down pretty quickly I guess you would have to.
Charger and corian definitely appeal to different crowds.
Bah. People need to be a little more careful cooking. Lots of sf horror stories of marble and corian.
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