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Interesting place. There are some really nice rooms, and then some really shitty ones. Clearly, they cut corners in the guest areas.
Get a grillery and grill with wood.
Occidental is close to us, and a pretty neat little town. If we buy a spring lamb, we pick it up at the slaughterhouse there. We are just north, and on the coast. It's really a lovely area here.
Where are you? Sound like you are in my neck of the woods now, or maybe east.
We actually ended up there because my father, as an undergraduate at Stanford, fell in love with the town. This was like 1950. We moved there in 1980 or so. It was kind of an idyllic place to grow up, but eventually it was really boring as a kid. There just weren't that many kids in Woodside. I actually don't like how the place has changed*, though I can see the mystique. It is still beautiful, though. I guess I am one of the people left who remembers when Buck's...
I was referring more to his gherkin. I grew up in woodside, but you couldn't drag me back.
Maybe he could design you a Roberts Market Pickle.
I think it has to do with where you are googling from. Almost all showers in the US, in anything above shit building, are glazed, as in behind glass. In europe it is less common to have a separate shower and very uncommon, as far as I know, to have a separate shower that is glazed as opposed to part of a system.
The idea of "getting a smeg" is revolting on its face. On top of that, they are too retro.
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