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A wall of full height cabinets is fine, but upper cabinets above countertops are awful. I've never had them myself, but being in kitchens with them feels very claustrophobic.
If I wanted to eat at a restaurant, I would go to one. In a home, this looks shitty.There are plenty of good, tall fridges. Some are in separate rooms. Others have panels to match the cabinets and look as though they are part of a tall, pantry section of the kitchen. This one happens to look like one of those shitty ass pebble faced white ones you buy at Sears and, hopefully, put in the garage to store the kids' drinks.
Well, it is only Find Finn's assumption about their lifestyle. I think it is a strange choice to have an open kitchen/dining room if you have help cooking. We certainly never lived that way. So my assumption is that somebody in the family probably enjoys cooking, and enjoys people looking at white ledges.
The kitchen sucks not for its functionality but because of the low chairs right across from the big white rise on the counter. No reason to have people look at a white block when there are so many other options. Also the relationship between the dining table, stairs and railings sucks. A lot of the other rooms are wonderful.
Some really great rooms, some really stupid ones.
Why do I need to when you have provided copious amounts?
I'm not defining art for anybody. I'm telling you that you don't know what you are talking about.
Thank you.
Whatever. It's probably more fair to say that the pretension of design to being art is its own downfall. Not that I expect you to understand. You don't seem to have been seriously involved in either space.
Design is not the new art, you ignorant twat.
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