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If you don't have a guest policy and he isn't staying as a resident, how can you justify telling him he only has three days?
We had a Mission Gose and it was spectacular. Buy if you see it.
Went out for morning errands and stumbled upon a celebration of american graffiti.
I should change my avatar out for the new one, but I kind of cringe at the thought of doing so.
Great, I can flip it over and pan for gold.
This is quite a task. Are the various subsections additive, or do we average?
I accept. I actually like capes. Wore one daily until I was four or five.j/k, I do like formal capes. When do we pick the fabric?
What kind of hat is appropriate for doing yard work in the sun but still looking cool.
You are kind of boring.
Foo and I like many of the same things, but we don't like them for the same philosophical reasons, which would put a strain on our marriage.
New Posts  All Forums: