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Isn't that the reason for the fat ass chairs a few pages back?
I had a marble top and found it no trouble at all to keep in great condition, but I am not a barbarian.
yes, but it only heats the bottom.
why no option for corian backsplash? FWIW, I like both marble and corian. I think I like islands less than I used to.
What do you think of org tables?
Why? A wok shines when you have very intense heat available and the flame goes well up the side of the pan. See wok burners. When you don't have that, you are better served by using the heat you have and going with a wider, flatter pan so that you can still cook quickly. A wok on a slow fire slows down cooking, which is counter to its purpose.
And yet it is probably at its best in a concrete and glass box next to a minimal table. Did I blow your mind?
To be fair, a wok on an induction burner is only slightly more worthless than a wok on a wolf stove. Unless you have serious BTUs, you are better off using a round eye frying pan.
No reason you wouldn't see Mr. Bugatti chair in a very modern setting. It would probably be a lot better than in a post modern space.
Woks are for Chinese people.Le Creuset and Staub dutch ovens are enameled steel, and they work great on induction.
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