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I wonder if she will remember.
The first time my wife (then girlfriend) met my family was at a 49ers game. She convinced everybody that the weather was going to be great and that we didn't need rain gear, and then it poured the whole time. It was a perfect introduction to her.
Where did you go to school? I agree, he is a good dude. I chipped for quarters with him a couple years ago at Mariner's Point in San Mateo. Still really cool.
I started to have better things to do on Sunday mornings. I don't really like sitting around and watching TV, and while I still had 49ers tickets until three years ago, we never went because the crowd became a bunch of Turtles and who wants to be around that kind of shit.
I have to admit, I fucking hated Steve Young. Maybe I started hating San Francisco when Steve Young took over. Cocksucker. I definitely remember rooting for Montana and the Chiefs to kick the 9ers asses.
I remember skipping out one day to go to a game out of high school nostalgia in 1997 and we watched Kevin Brown no-hit the Giants. As anybody who grew up in the area knows, you could always buy a cheap seat and creep down toward the good seats. Anyway, I don't know what the attendance says for that day, but there couldn't have been more than 3k people there for the last few innings, and pretty much everybody was between the bases down low. We were right behind home...
I was at Candlestick for The Catch.
Do you come into the city much?
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