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Actually, it is 1000000% correct, but you seem to want to switch between popularity and price at each turn. You are probably Canadian. Now piss off.
No, you get expensive because there is greater demand than supply. Her supply is very limited for original works unlike almost every other modernist furniture maker. It is more akin to somebody like Jean-Michel Frank, and frankly, the work and concept is far more similar to Frank and similar people than it is to any sort of modernism. I don't know if you have had much experience with auction houses like Christies, but they cater to a certain type of buyer, and the...
No, because the high price secondary market doesn't cater to the modern design crowd, it caters to the Christies and Sotheby's crowd. You know, touch the magic and all.
Eileen Gray is popular because her stuff is expensive on the secondary market, and it is the non-modernistness of it, the tiny production, handmade nature of the pieces that makes it so, both in that it limits supply on the auction market and it brings in the exclusivity buyer, a group who spends the high prices and has never warmed to modernism because of its democratic nature. That's not to bag on her stuff, but to bag rather on the lemmings who buy so much of it on the...
The Perriand/Corbusier stuff is fascinating as much for its design credit as for its perfection as an example of historical rewrite based on contemporary political and academic theory.
Poutine seemed to be hip among the first wave of parklet denizens a few years ago. I had some at Salt House. It kind of sucked. OK, to be fair it really sucked, but such is the state of food in SF these days.
Both generations of gentrifiers should go fuck off to a sustainable cupping somewhere in a parklet, as far as I am concerned. I hope there are some muni drivers with you, their busses are probably right in the middle of the street. They seem to think the middle of the street is a fucking muni stop.
Muni drivers don't get in trouble for anything. That is why they continue to drive as they do. Fuck them. Some of you who haven't been here long enough don't really understand how fucked up Muni is because nobody is bothering to expose their shit anymore like they used to.
Fuck Muni.
You could do the NY strip roasts and not split them but just carve them thinner.
New Posts  All Forums: