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Lol. They probably didn't sell more than 100 of those tables.
Yet he seems to feel that the use of a different material does not compromise the design, so perhaps his understanding of it is deeper than what you are seeing.
according to???
We are lucky to live on an a cove with basically no public access. I am sure the public is legally entitled to access, but I don't know how they would get there. Anyway, it is still a very plentiful spot.
It wasn't that. We stayed there around Christmas and they sold my wife on what they said was a great room. It happened to be in the owners garage, two miles from the hotel, and every time we took our dog out to pee, the owners dog would try to lick his manly bits. I am sure he enjoyed it. The restaurant gets really good reviews, but I wouldn't know because we never were actually on the property. Gualala is an underrated town. Most of the nice stuff there revolves...
We had an extremely creepy experience at Little River Inn. And no pancakes. We have liked Navarro for a long time. Some friends have been on the mailing list forever, and they definitely make wines we enjoy. Would be interested to know about the place in Gualala. Trinks is the only place I can think of, but I have had breakfasts and lunches there (very good) but no pastries. That said, they are first and foremost a pastry shop so it is probably the place.
I am so glad I saw this.
Was that a few weeks ago? We saw all the classic cars going by driving through Point Arena.
There really isn't much as far as good restaurants. A reasonable pizza place just opened in Ft. Bragg, but it isn't exactly Paris. There are a couple of almost good restaurants between Bodega and Ft. Bragg, but that is a lot of mileage.
Never been, but I know the turnoff to get there. I pretty much go to Mendocino only for the sandwiches at Mendo Market. In the low season we go a good bit because there aren't so many people on the bluffs and the beach is so nice. High season, which is pretty much always, can be kind of a drag.
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