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No, it is perfect for a fabulous collection of pre Colombian knick knacks selected by your desecrator.
Probably the Hati chairs, but that doesn't make the tafel any less atrocious. I looked at the designer. It seems he does mostly insane asylums and nursing homes. This makes a lot of sense to me.
It means that most of the stuff looks like it was designed by a summer intern from Christian Liaigre's design studio, and that the originals were meant to be sold "to the trade" by people at obnoxious places like Holly Hunt who want their designer to come up with something Luxe and solid. I think it is crap. Capisci?
I really like the flow chairs Massaud did for MDF Italia. They are obviously very much based on the Saarinen chair, but they are better. I like the Lario chairs from Porro. I like the Tate chairs from Cappellini. I love the Hati chairs from Lema. There are many more I like, but those come to mind.
For whom? There are so many great dining chairs, it all depends on the application.
First, I don't really like wood furniture. Second, I don't like massive scale in lines. Third, it is ugly. Fourth, it is for people who think Architectural Digest has something to do with architecture. Fifth, and perhaps most importantly, it is so derivative of all of the transitional furniture to come out of France in the late 80s and early 90s, and the world really doesn't need any more of that. I don't like Adult Contemporary in my music or in anything else.
Both, but especially Foo's. I really dislike what E15 does.
hate it.
Most dogs are pretty careful in the way they correct puppies. Lots of times it is just a paw squash. They hold off on harsher corrections for adolescent dogs.
I appreciate MGM's pedantry here. It is respectful of long tradition in a world that isn't.
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