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It isn't that I don't like these. I mean, I have so much Jasper Morrison shit it is kind of embarrassing, but this list is basically one of contemporary designers doing things to be MCM/DWR friendly, and it kind of misses out on different uses of materials, technologies etc.
There may be. I'll ask. Our vet is definitely a supporter of the nut, although only if asked as it is pretty un PC to be so. I have to say, owning an 11 month old unneutered dog really teaches you what adolescent sexual obsession is all about when it is completely uninhibited by society.
Being really into Danish modern strikes me as being really into Wonder Bread or something else equally exciting. Maybe being a devoted aficionado of the Kia Sephia.
Sadly, we are going to have to neuter our little guy relatively soon. He has one ball that didn't drop, and retained testicles have a hugely high rate of cancer in dogs, something approaching 80%. We are going to let him get all the way through puberty, though, so he gets as many developmental advantages from testosterone as possible.
You owe me Trillo!!!
I nice Danish modern wood porcelain tile would be my suggestion.
They should get a vintage Danish TV. It's part of the exciting vintage Danish life.
Most higher end construction is not based on hard estimates. If they are, they are likely to kill you the second you make your first change order. Our landscaping, and especially hardscaping, here on the coast must have cost a fortune. I am glad I didn't have to pay for it. We are putting in a water catchment system next week. Fun, fun, fun.
Beaune has some really good food.
Beaujolais goes really well with chicken. Somehow it makes white meat taste like a delicacy. I think that is one of the reasons I love it so much.
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