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The felt felt chairs are the most interesting. The whole idea was a take on Joseph beuys so it shouldn't be a surprise.
We are south of norcal but we have all of the same animals. I would never let the dear boy out unsupervised. I don't actually worry about any of the animals hunting him, I just worry about him stumbling into some kind of stupidity.
This thread is for food questions, not coffee questions. We can't go down this hellhole of geekery and still pretend to be called styleforvm.
The cattle dog shriek is horrifying.
If he were as dumb as a teenager he would live in a kennel.
Yes on one sofa, no on the other. He's pretty smart and can tell the difference.And I agree. Just trying to point out that dogs are dogs, not wolves and that all research done recently points to them not having strictly defined pack instinct and structure when found in wild circumstances. There are no rules about who mates, they don't help raise puppies, hunting leadership is fluid, social issues are more fluid and violent than in wolves, so all of the related theories on...
So, Norbert is working on his send aways and recalls over jumps. I swear he would do it just for the chance to jump. When we go out for a hike, the first thing he does out the door is run to his jump, then again when he gets out of the car, no matter how far he has gone. Also, I know I am biased, but he is gorgeous.
The animal instinct of dogs is pretty unclear and hotly debated. Most of the newer research disproves a lot of the old wolf based, alpha, pack structure thinking, and that has greatly changed the way dogs have been trained over more recent times. Different dogs have been bred for such different things that to claim that they all have a basic "dog instinct" is silly.
Norbert hasn't had a piece of food that he didn't work for other than in conditioning things. Helps with focus too.
As our trainer says "with these kinds of breeds (mals and cattle dogs) counter conditioning is basically a lifestyle." I've not had a problem with Norbert, but unless he takes his bone and moves closer to me when he chews it, I continue to counter condition. I don't want to see him take it to "his" place unless I send him there with it. Most breeds are a lot easier, though. Counter conditioning is fun, though, as long as you are early. Turn yourself into pavlovs bell and...
New Posts  All Forums: