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It is a cute name. This might blow your mind, but a lot of really well respected architects turn to interior designers for help with their own interiors.
I just said "I don't know" any. How can you argue with that. The decorators I know are all involved in projects from start to finish. They are generally extremely talented and great with space.
I don't know. Some are really good at some things, but I think mainly they have to be able to interface well with all members of the team. Details are often worked out between contractor and architect, surfaces between architect and designer, structural issues between engineer and architect, site plan between planner, architect and landscape architect. Its really a team effort in my opinion.
I don't know any decorators/designers who just come pimp out a room. The ones I know are involved in the process from start to finish working with both architect and client. I am sure both exist.
Look, in an ideal world the division of labor is such that the architect, interior designer, site planner, landscape architect, engineer, contractor etc are each doing what they are best at. That isn't always the case, but on good projects it is. The understanding of space is an overlap between designer and architect, just as the understanding of load is an overlap between engineer and architect. The other things I am talking about are knowing how to take an idea and...
I think you have been fooled by fancy licensing boards.
Clients make everything difficult, I am sure, but I am more talking about architects themselves being crappy at it, and generally limited in knowledge. Of course, that is a general statement and doesn't apply to all, but I don't see any reason to believe that an architect is going to be better at furniture selection and layout than an interior designer, while I do see that they are going to be better at understanding a lot of other issues.
I don't know how you get from a to b here.
a lot of architects think architects are crappy at choosing furniture.
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