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Norbert hasn't had a piece of food that he didn't work for other than in conditioning things. Helps with focus too.
As our trainer says "with these kinds of breeds (mals and cattle dogs) counter conditioning is basically a lifestyle." I've not had a problem with Norbert, but unless he takes his bone and moves closer to me when he chews it, I continue to counter condition. I don't want to see him take it to "his" place unless I send him there with it. Most breeds are a lot easier, though. Counter conditioning is fun, though, as long as you are early. Turn yourself into pavlovs bell and...
Idfnl makes every thread suck. When you combine him and Hayward, the thread might as well be shut down.
Here is our old kitchen. We did it 15 years ago, and styles change, but I think it held up well. I'd probably change a few things if I were to do it again. Not much, though. I would venture to say that I take cooking as seriously as anybody here other than mgm, and the kitchen is big, but minimal.
I cook and I will take a picture of our new kitchen this week. We bought it along with the house, and there are things I would have done differently, but overall it is quite nice.
A wall of full height cabinets is fine, but upper cabinets above countertops are awful. I've never had them myself, but being in kitchens with them feels very claustrophobic.
If I wanted to eat at a restaurant, I would go to one. In a home, this looks shitty.There are plenty of good, tall fridges. Some are in separate rooms. Others have panels to match the cabinets and look as though they are part of a tall, pantry section of the kitchen. This one happens to look like one of those shitty ass pebble faced white ones you buy at Sears and, hopefully, put in the garage to store the kids' drinks.
Well, it is only Find Finn's assumption about their lifestyle. I think it is a strange choice to have an open kitchen/dining room if you have help cooking. We certainly never lived that way. So my assumption is that somebody in the family probably enjoys cooking, and enjoys people looking at white ledges.
The kitchen sucks not for its functionality but because of the low chairs right across from the big white rise on the counter. No reason to have people look at a white block when there are so many other options. Also the relationship between the dining table, stairs and railings sucks. A lot of the other rooms are wonderful.
New Posts  All Forums: