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They basically work like border collies. More stamina and tougher, but less intense about non sheep things. More naturally social. Not golden retrievers, but they had to work huge sheep sales and shearings, so they culled dogs that were not generally social. They are basically the same breeding stock as bcs, but the farm collies who went to Australia from Scotland. They just selected for different traits. Also, there really only are working lines, so no weird sport dogs or...
Norbert acquired a brother. A kelpie who is now 5 months old. He is awesome, but wow. He is already working sheep, having a great time with it.
All of the above.
Management. You can't convince her to like being cuddled, and its a lot of trust to think she won't get pissed off.
Wine is a fine lubricant. Nothing wrong with that.
The name sounds perfect for a woman who can no longer self lubricate.
This is awesome. It reminds me of the best of Hawaii circa 1955.This is cringeworthy.
Good work is not inexpensive.
That's not bad at all.
This is what happens when great and terrible mate with each other. The Hamptons house is what happens when mediocrity finds money.
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