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Liberty Ducks are really wonderful. They are kind of a best of all worlds duck.
Marinus is great. Otherwise, carmel is kind of a wasteland for everything but ugly dolphin sculptures and golf.
I love Super Rica.
You are a confusing dude.
freshcutgrass, if you are not Canadian, you really ought to be.
Reminds me of a bad version of a lot of places I know well. But God damn is that bedroom dismal. Those lights are some of my favorites, but they even made them look like shit.
Trading SH for Hayward is like trading foie gras and truffles for the runny shit that comes out of my asshole the next day.
His future is Calcutta Marble?
Nice guy too. And does everything he can to get you what you want, when you need it.
Godwining an architecture thread? Really?
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