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Coyote keep killing my chickens. Can I have a gun?
Norbert is currently hunting flies. Fml.
I just prefer to fuck up my own dogs.
Dog was not expensive. Goat is delicious. In all seriousness, I find that actually working with my dogs is such a rewarding experience. They are smart, able creatures who can solve problems and be part of a team. I don't get as much enjoyment just hanging out with them, though both are very loving with me. Forming a relationship where you can problem solve and succeed together, whether in simulated work as with Norbert, or in real work as with monkey, and learning to...
Dcg- our cattle dog is standoffish with people he doesn't know. He wouldn't approach them and generally wants nothing to do with them. There are occasional outliers where he just trusts somebody, but generally not. He is good with other dogs in that he is socially correct but not really into playing with them. He doesn't stand for obnoxious behavior, but he will drive a dog off, not fight. Re vizslas, one nice thin foster the breeders are almost always breeding for dual...
If you want a huge dog that is regal and easy to live with, look at an Irish wolfhound. They are a great breed that lives well in so many environments.
I don't like Aussies. 90% of border collies are neurotic messes. They are amazing dogs, and I love them, but ones who are bred to work aren't going to be satisfied with a tennis ball and a 3 mile run, and so many of the akc borders are soft and way too environmentally sensitive. An underused vizsla or gsp is going to be miles easier to live with.
First two are his mother working cows in a trial. Last is monkey (kelpie), Norbert (blue) and their friend buddy at the herding training place.
They are. They also eat all the scrub and brush, and they eat from the top down, so they are great for fire issues. They roam a lot, so that makes them a little tougher, but they are kind of pet like, and the young ones taste great.
We are going to get goats. We have plenty of grazing space but better goat food than sheep. We have a while, though.I adore our acd,but I don't know that I would actually suggest one to somebody. They are tough dogs, and smart, and beautiful. Their energy level is not super high. Great hiking companions and super loyal, but not exactly great for anything else. The real thing is that a well need acd really isn't a friendly dog. They have been kind of de-angriest by...
New Posts  All Forums: