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That they are drunks with no holes barred?
I really doubt that middle class men between 30 and 50 make up much of the bespoke orders.
This is all very interesting, but can we get back to the discussion of why English people have severely inbred pinchy faces, and why, no matter how drunk and randy their women get, they can't seem to breed this defect out of the line?
Whoever told you your sense of humor was robust was lying their pinchy little face off.
Ugh. This reminds me of my mother's place.
I guess that it is going to take several generations to get rid of the inbred pinch. Shit is strong.
Thank you.
I didn't realize that I was supposed to have a response. I find that men in Rome and especially Milan are much better dressed in general, and I am not just talking about the shopping streets, but in non touristic restaurants, about town etc. Same for men in Florence when judged outside of the tourist area. In small towns too, though it is more simple clothing. It tends not to be plastered with logos, which seem to cut across Naples like Ebola. Men in London tend to...
That looks pretty great.
I think this apartment is more likely to be lent to friends who are passing through than to be a place where the dog goes. He lives on polished concrete, though. Without issue.
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