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I really love gose.
They are just lining up to see the last three Jews in Paris.
I enjoyed the shit out of the market street skinema But that doesn't mean it wasn't vile. The battery is a worse design.
In real life it is very bad. Like a bordello, but less good than that.
Its worse than a douchebag private club. It is a wanna be douchbag private club.
They are the cunts behind The Battery. That place looks like barf on a wall. How sad that this is what San Francisco aspires to be these days.
This is scientifically true in many states and nations.
It is a cute name. This might blow your mind, but a lot of really well respected architects turn to interior designers for help with their own interiors.
I just said "I don't know" any. How can you argue with that. The decorators I know are all involved in projects from start to finish. They are generally extremely talented and great with space.
I don't know. Some are really good at some things, but I think mainly they have to be able to interface well with all members of the team. Details are often worked out between contractor and architect, surfaces between architect and designer, structural issues between engineer and architect, site plan between planner, architect and landscape architect. Its really a team effort in my opinion.
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