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Gray. We have a ton of them up here. Our cattle dog isn't phased by anything smaller than a lamb, so it took him a long while to notice.
We had three foxes in the front yard the other day and saw another in a neighbor's driveway today. Still waiting on that border terrier!
They are probably [era deleted] [era rejected] [charlatans redacted].
Hi prefer best foods to homemade for a number of things, hamburgers included. Other times homemade is better. Just depends on what you want. I don't home make buns. I really like burgers on sliced bread as well.
Freshcutgrass, you are an insufferable douche.
Quite honestly, anybody who would buy one of those offensive pieces should be drawn and quartered.
This is the most Canadian post I've ever read. You guys could add it to your national anthem.
Jesus Fuck that chair is awful looking. Side chair is really nice.
The safe bet used to always be DLIII.
New Posts  All Forums: