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I like Wegner chairs. Slightly too scandy life but gorgeous. I love the flag halyard chair. Like most of his chairs.
Probably not for dining chairs. There are so many nice chairs, why these?
No, she robs dentists' waiting rooms.
debatable, as far as I understand it, and not as a structural product, just decorative. anyway, it doesn't predate veneer, which is my greater point.
The first doesn't matter because veneers predate ply and mdf. You seem to think that using something worse makes it more authentic because historically the ancient Egyptians didn't have plywood. Second, there is no difference. It is just the choice of finish. You are making a value judgment between solid and veneer based on incorrect info when you should just say that you like the idea of solid wood but you really don't know why.
I disagree. The assumption that a wood table top would be solid is made from poor knowledge of furniture design. The assumption should generally be that the top of a table is veneer and the legs solid. That is historically how good furniture has been made. People have it in their heads that this isn't the case. I don't know why. It seems very American to crave such solidity. The Gamma table clearly is meant to produce a leg that could not be solid, in a shape that...
So, is it a mini-junior version of the bigfoot? I really don't like it, not that that matters. I also would prefer veneer to solid as far as wood tables go, but I don't really love wood tables to begin with . The Morrison table more than deals with the problem, It eliminates it by giving it the form of a folding leg table rather than a board on sticks. The wood one just quits on the issue, which kind of works in the bigfoot because it appeals to the idea that massive,...
I don't know anything about it, but the detailing on the corners is awful imo. Contrast that with the corner detail on the Morrison table and you have an almost perfect lesson in design.
#1 is great. #2 is awful. Strange how something so simple can work that way.
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