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George and Gracie were the only talent not barred from the house while my father was growing up.
You are so continental.
A woman needs a certain degree of structure.
We had the rep out yesterday to go through the install. It's actually quite easy to do, and there are modules for both drywall/plaster and for solid materials. They also have switch getups which bocci doesn't. Prices are outrageous, so hope for few outlet.s
We have those in sonoma. In sf we are using trufig which seems like a better, more versatile product.
You should see the electrical outlets we are using.
I don't dislike Danish modern. I just don't like period looks. The stuff Baum is talking about is stylistically so close to mid century that it is indistinguishable to the uninitiated but it is far more interesting simply because it has been enabled by technology and the time and sense it took to edit and refine. It isn't going to necessarily be more interesting in twenty years, but it is now.
Onyx lit from behind or large slab stone.
Two. They are for sale. Mint. Make an offer.
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