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Not true. I like my vegans roasted to 135 then rested until they come to 150.
The point is that, in general, the speed of cooking isn't going to be very related to fluctuations in oven temperature, and certainly not to fluctuations in oven temp from taking internal temperature. The fact that meat cooks by conduction means that a drop in ambient temperature in the oven isn't going to change the amount of heat exchange near the core of the food, so don't worry about it.
Most good ovens either heat up really quickly or retain a lot of heat, so it really isn't an issue, and since meat cooks internally through conduction, it really, really isn't an issue.
I prefer the one on the right.
You have made foodguy's day. His nuts haven't been fresh in decades.
Interviews with somms? I hope they will do a series of interviews with the guy who sweeps up the crumbs with that little gadget.
The service at Savoy LV is exceptional.
The one about foie gras? I never understood why anybody let him put ink to paper, but that one was especially stupid. It is like he has no understanding at all about culinary history, about how markets work, about anything he writes about, really.
As a rule, I do not like chocolate. I do like chocolate marquise, though, and a few other classic chocolate deserts.
We aren't girls here. Age isn't bad.
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