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Most dogs are pretty careful in the way they correct puppies. Lots of times it is just a paw squash. They hold off on harsher corrections for adolescent dogs.
I appreciate MGM's pedantry here. It is respectful of long tradition in a world that isn't.
I don't drink coffee.
I've used a bunch of naturals. They can be great. I'd send you a few sg, but for tools you want harder stones than for knives.
I like Wegner chairs. Slightly too scandy life but gorgeous. I love the flag halyard chair. Like most of his chairs.
Probably not for dining chairs. There are so many nice chairs, why these?
No, she robs dentists' waiting rooms.
debatable, as far as I understand it, and not as a structural product, just decorative. anyway, it doesn't predate veneer, which is my greater point.
The first doesn't matter because veneers predate ply and mdf. You seem to think that using something worse makes it more authentic because historically the ancient Egyptians didn't have plywood. Second, there is no difference. It is just the choice of finish. You are making a value judgment between solid and veneer based on incorrect info when you should just say that you like the idea of solid wood but you really don't know why.
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