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Beaune has some really good food.
Beaujolais goes really well with chicken. Somehow it makes white meat taste like a delicacy. I think that is one of the reasons I love it so much.
I love the Lapierre wines.
I like to serve it with steamed red potatoes. It's a really nice combo. You just smash the potatoes in the leftover butter and juices.
This makes me so happy. Had no idea this kind of thing existed.
It's a really great dish, and that looks to be perfectly cooked. The dish is totally classic and simple, but it shows hare so nicely. Hare is really nothing like rabbit. It is super red meat and needs to be cooked just like that, and the legs need to be cooked forever.
Now that is putting the odds and ends bin to good use.
Ducasse is great. There is so much about him I would like to hate, but his recipes and restaurants are so good, and while I disagree with some of the "keep French food French" sentiments he expressed some years ago, I think he has been wonderful for the food world. If you just take his Grand Livre series, sure, he sells them, but they are basically a gift to the knowledge base of fine food and basically will form the backbone, along with the El Bulli books, of how people...
No idea. I have one but it is kind if sun bleached. Doesn't bother me because it happened on my watch. Love the straw a chair. We have straw Dixon barstools and I adore those. I love straw and wicker. Think I am going to grab some cane superleggera chairs soon.
The felt felt chairs are the most interesting. The whole idea was a take on Joseph beuys so it shouldn't be a surprise.
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