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Quote: Originally Posted by dcg The cut of Lands End tailored fit (for me) is pretty great actually. Better than anything BB offers. I wish their shirts came in more styles/colors. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by aph999 For any of you considering the Zegna SC; the Navy Surge fabric (NVYSRG) is a great fabric. Thank you sir. FINAL DROPS BEFORE EBAY!         Allen Edmonds Medford...
Quote: Originally Posted by Incman Does 12A mean that the boots are really narrow? I'm new to dress shoe sizing. Thanks in advance Sorry for the lag I did not realize the post was here. The A size does mean a narrow size.
I have a few for sale.
Prices dropped again
I have a property of... bag and I love it. Solid / heavy construction and retailed for $345 so this looks like a good deal for somebody.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 Is the second jacket an orphan? Yes Sir.
Price drops and thanks to the gentleman above.
Price drops shipping included.
Price Drops and all prices include shipping CONUS.
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