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Maomao that jacket is flat out fantastic. Also, wanted to keep this thread alive as I am very interested in finding an italian version of the A-1 leather jacket as well. There are some great suggestions here for the SF big timers (I am not one of them unfortunately), but no real suggestions for the small timers. Does a manufacturer exist that produces this type of jacket at a lower price point?
Just amazing.
Very cool. They resemble an old pair of White's workboots.
Really nice.
Jim Brown as Fireball + Grace Jones =
@45...Still hot.
September Gurls is an all time fave. Sad news indeed.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Keanu Reeves? This.
Alison damn where have I been?
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy +1 And... Katerina Kerns from Sufjan Stevens' band. Abi Harding from the Zutons And probably not super hot but I have a weakness for the redheads...Neko Case
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