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Undergrad (2007): BS Business (Productions and Operations Managaement) Grad (2010): MBA: General However, I return to class Monday to finish up the 30 hours left for an Accounting undergrad and then I will sit for my CPA
Resurrecting a dead thread here but... I just won this on Ebay.
I sat there mouth agape. It was a really good fight across the board. Solid striking, fantastic scrambles and sweeps, multiple submission attempts...and that kick was just sick.
If you add $45 to your budget ...
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC This Goodwear A-1 in Horween Vermont Espresso HH is on its way to me right now: So jealous.
Quote: Originally Posted by word I've been seeing a lot of donks around with candy themes like M&Ms, Skittles, Whatchamacallit chocolate bars, Snickers and a couple more. Have these themed donks been around for a while? Seems like it's exploded here in NC the last few years. They all look like that McDonalds example. Other mods I see regularly that are bad: -Confederate flag window tint on the back window of a truck. -Scotland flag front license...
Kieth- is new but with my transaction he was very communicative, shipped quickly and my Russell Mocs were exactly as described. I would buy from him again!
Wish those boots were a 9. Good luck with the sale!
Don't know how I lived without one. Seriously.
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