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New bags added 07/01/12 (sold removed) Property of… Tommy Travel Bag: -. Decided to keep for myself. Jack Spade Duck Canvas Bag - NWT --sold Rag and Bone Canvas Overnight Bag (Tan) - NWT - Sold Rag and Bone Canvas Tote Bag (Navy) - NWT $79 shipped CONUS Description: Great Rag and Bone tote bag, Perfect size for a daily use bag. Retail $260 . Navy canvas with black leather accents.
There are a ton of thrift stores in the OKC area. I would suggest the area from MacArthur and Reno to NW 50th and May. Really though you can break it out in to sections and spend all day and still not hit all of the the thrift stores. Its pretty crazy really. It is mostly junk but I have found some pretty amazing finds. The best was a pair of John Lobb Williams. Not my size though.
Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock
St Martin Bruin
Those are sick!For on the go I have the standard Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10's and for at the house Sennheiser 595's
Quote: Originally Posted by Onlyoneoklahoma My fiancé found the last sixer of Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA in Fort Worth before moving back to OKC today. So I am savoring a bottle since a don't get it here. I was a huge fan long before that damn show Brewmasters, and I am very frustrated that the show made then so popular. In OKC you might check out: If it is available in OKC they are...
Duvel + NBA Playoffs = Go Thunder!
St Martin Brune. It is quickly becoming a favorite. I just ordered a case from my local liqour store minus a four pack the owner insisted keeping for himself.
06 Lexus IS250 AWD.
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts And now some North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout Nice choice here.
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