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Unfortunately Kamakura shirts are a little short for me to wear as a proper dress shirt.Either Suitsupply or Brooks Brothers. Nothing baller. No bridal party either!
GoIng to NY tomorrow - going to buy a suit, a wedding band and get some shirts from CEGO
thanks. the jacket is a random lbm jacket that I got for $75 off yoox. it has this weird zip-in vest thing. need to get some work done on the back/neck.
LBM Jacket Luxire Shirt Kent Wang Tie Kent Wang Pocket Square Epaulet Belt Donnanna Pants Alden Boots
Luckily VA allows alcohol to be shipped
Thanks guys. The botanist gin + that japanese grain whiskey look perfect... sadly I don't think I'll be able to find shit locally (thanks VA alcohol laws!). is klwines a good site?
He's not picky actually
Figure this is the place... I want to buy my dad a nice scotch/gin/rum (he drinks all 3) as a thank you for doing some legal work for me. I'm looking to spend $100. He favors small-batch, esoteric stuff if possible. Any suggestions?
StyleForumRobot is having some technical difficulties, but here's the first thread to Haiku: http://www.styleforum.net/t/453461/three-threads-bout-entry-level-footwear-february-3-2015#post_7666378
Hot Topics Filling in for the Robot who's having some technical difficulties tonight... Let’s kick off our new contest with a thread about shoes! Everyone likes shoes! And here’s three threads about… Classic Menswear shoes! Make sure to post a haiku in response to this thread and win a custom title. Florsheim by Duckie Brown Florsheim is generally an awful brand – they make ugly, cheap shoes in clunky lasts. The one exception is their collaboration with Duckie Brown:...
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