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Also there's a rumor that Gilbert agreed to sell Lebron a piece of the time post-retirement as an incentive for him coming back.
The idea behind it isn't that he'd leave in a year, but that he's timing the contract to expire when the salary cap will be readjusted upward a lot because of a new TV deal, leaving space to redo his contract a long with all of the young guys.
Pants are kind of unflattering and I don't think Ervell bottoms would be good for your build in general
Did you read indesertum's post at all?
lol @ houston.
I don't get why Bosh would resign. He'd be on a champion caliber team in Houston, is the 5th year really worth getting stuck in first round playoff exit oblivion? Wade is fading fast and you know they're going to resign him to a gigantic contract and overpay him.
WTF apparently Bosh is going to resign with Miami.
Miami Heat's most pressing question: how do we reach the salary minimum?
The real question: what happens to Greg Oden?
Jordan had the Heart of a Champion.
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