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so that's a no
Did you read the article?
I was at conference that had quite a few older European history professors and they were awesome: thick German accents, 3 piece suits and more than one had a 22 year old female companion.
Couple thoughts:1. Your posts like this are pretty painful to read. Way too wordy. Just leave it at "I like to wear tight-fitting suits, even if that means the silhouette is not textbook perfect."2. You have to post fewer pictures outside of spoilers. This is not a subjective opinion. Post 2-3 pictures you think are best, and post the rest inside spoilers. It's a common courtesy (and it's one of the rules of the forum).
A great chance to own a pair of vintage Brooks Brothers bluchers! Part of the "Brooks England" line, manufactured by Church's for Brooks Brothers in Northhampton, England. Excellent used condition - little wear on the soles, very clean uppers. Black, high-quality calfskin uppers, leather soles, size 10.5 US.
I will also add, though, that dress in administration is somewhat a function of the specific department. The business-centric departments (at my school termed "Strategic Enrollment Management" and "Business Services", what a nightmare) have much stricter guidelines than my department does. Has anyone here worked in development? We just hired someone to do development for the first time, and I'm curious what expectations exist around those types of positions.
About 4 years.Unfortunately I moved into a new position where I have to start dressing up more (dress pants, tucked in dress shirt everyday). For a few events this summer where I had to interact with parents of prospective students I went all out - sportcoat, tie, trousers, pocketsquare. My position is 50% student affairs, 50% academic affairs and I teach as well. Hopefully in the Spring I'll be able to co-teach a class about genocide! Woo. I work in my schools Honors...
also, sadly, at my new job im unable to wear the casual shit i actually like to wear, so been buying a lot of horrible dress clothes: rota, di barbuto, a tubo belt (shoutout no man walks alone), some alden leydon last flex welt chukkas, kamakura shirts, and a finamore shirt
i have this book, it's good.funny story: when i was an undergrad, i won a scholarship and the prize was a textbook, and i had them purchase the margiela book instead.
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