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Took a flyer on the size 52 navy plaid jacket on eBay - awesome piece! It's a Tipo, and it's at the tailor right now. The fit is great in the shoulder, need half an inch off the sleeve, and just need the sides taken in a little. What can I expect on other fits?
well when the admin of the forums' attitude is 'post only here or get the fuck out' and most people have chosen to get the fuck out, it is funny.
Also I find it funny that there's been a migration of posters from SZ to here as that forum slowly dies.
Couple comments: Abraxis: by FAR the best thing you've posted. Really, really good. I would love to see the pants less cuffed up (maybe one less cuff?). Claghorn: You don't really get to talk about photo quality when you don't take standing photos - even if your photos are high quality, when you're just sitting it doesn't show us anything important. I'd rather have worse photo quality and a standing shot.
Also Fwiw I've never been a fan off Epaulet suits on Stanley (and have said so for like five years). It's a very American cut and he would look better in something English
The key to having an extremely straight trouser line is to have a wider leg in a heavy fabric with a very sharp crease. That's why vintage pictures of pants with 10" hems look so clean - he pant fabric isn't coming into contact with the knee or thigh which throws off the line. Wider hems also mean you don't need a slanted hem.
NYC haul: Grey Suitsupply suit 3x CEGO shirts - two button down oxfords and and a nice formal spread collar A ton of shit from Momofuku milk bar Also was in the area and went to Dominique Ansel. Very, very underwhelmed
Unfortunately Kamakura shirts are a little short for me to wear as a proper dress shirt.Either Suitsupply or Brooks Brothers. Nothing baller. No bridal party either!
GoIng to NY tomorrow - going to buy a suit, a wedding band and get some shirts from CEGO
thanks. the jacket is a random lbm jacket that I got for $75 off yoox. it has this weird zip-in vest thing. need to get some work done on the back/neck.
New Posts  All Forums: