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there's a difference between buying into a brand and buying into an aesthetic. you can accomplish the margiela aesthetic with lots of other brands, which can sometimes do it better (or fit better). fit matters much less for shirts than something tailored. also most of regis' pieces aren't the really design-heavy ones - no oversized hadnknit shawl collar sweater, etc.
its not so much evident in the latest picture, but in a lot of the others you can see the shoulder line extend past your natural shoulder, and it seems like the upper arm/upper armhole is tight as well. sometimes dimpling along the shoulder lines. i know you love margiela, but have you tried on a lot of other suiting?
no margiela suiting has a particular silhouette - boxy shoulders, high armholes, a very '80s style european eurotrash/club vibe. the sleeves are long, low button points, lots of single-vents.i just think that regis would look better in something like an unstructured canterelli, which would also probably accomplish the same thing aesthetically.
apc derbies. haven't really bought much in months (paying for a wedding is crushing), but always a sucker for suede also have a few more things on the way (hurray sale season)
im sure people are going to explode at me, but regis i've never thought your mmm tailored jackets have fit that great... shoulders are a little wonky. i know you like the luxe european vibe, but i think you'd look better in some of the unstructured italian designers. the fabrics are just as interesting and they don't have the weird MMM armhole/shoulder silhouette.
it's not gothy, it's ugly. unstructured design + drapey fabric =/ MA-1.
wasn't taken for this... nike x 2, lvc
generally a 4 in TS(S) tops, although sometimes a 3 on some of the more oversized shirting/outerwear. been a 3 in the pants so far.
so I work a 'business casual' job but I can do a lot of wacky shit as long it appears normal... 1. oliver spencer blazer 2. oliver spencer chinos. not crazy but i have a wool pair and they kill. 3. I'm one of the few people here who wear ts(s), soooo... 4. same as #3 5. just fucking awesome
Lebron is 30 and has a ton of minutes on him. Take Love now and have a chance to contend this year and for the next several. Banking on one of your prospects working out 3-4 years from now is passing on Lebron's final few years of being the best in the league. Kevin Love is 25, he has 5 - 10 more years of great play. Grab that. What are the odds of Wiggins approaching Love? Even if he does eventually surpass Love, what are the odds of him doing so during his rookie...
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