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also tb, and most types of meningitis.
poliosmallpoxmumpsrubellapertussisin 1918 the spanish flu killed 5% of the global population, almost 100 million people. that's why you get flu vaccines.
vaccines and antibiotics are for idiots. return to the medicine of the 1800s - amputations for everyone, and typhus and flu epidemics.
they're exposed - it's just a bunch of lamps mounted on a rail, basically. a standard socket? I've been using regular 60w bulbs.
does anyone have some good recommendations for bulbs i can use to replace incandescence bulbs in dimmable 70's track lighting? looking for 45 or 60w
first, that's not the calculator you're looking for. second, being frugal in general (including apportioning restaurant bills) is a smart choice in general, because it can mean the difference between 14,000 a year in "living expenses" and 8,000 a year. it's part of a lifestyle which can pay big dividends when you look at how student loan repayment works.
also late to the minimum/restaurant wage argument/discussion (which I don't really care about either way..), but this is a hilarious quote for a lot of reasons
the point is you're complaining about people taking steps to save money, which is hypocritical.and considering the price of medical school, and how loans are determined (tuition + cost of living), taking measures to save money can make a dramatic impact on future loan totals. I might just be a humanities major, but I imagine that $192 might become a little bit more with 30 years of interest?
aren't literally all of your clothes cheap yohji from ebay or random italian brands from yoox? that's the fashion equivalent to splitting a bill.maybe your classmates don't want to take $75,000 a year in loans?
vintage eg geller viberg
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