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what the fuck do you wear when it's hot? loose tee chinos boots
Sorry about that. Fixed! I had to post this from my phone this morning (computer problems...)
StyleForum Interviews CEGO's Carl Goldberg, Part II Words by Ben P. For Part I visit here. CEGO recently moved their shop, and is now located at 254 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor. Ben P: When someone's going to buy a shirt off the rack, what should they look for? Carl Goldberg: 90% of shirts are all made in factories using all the same machinery and the same methods. They're all made in automatic factories with computerized equipment and they all look the same. You put...
so the issue is colleges, so you want to create a system that perpetuates the issue?let athletes enter the nba draft (and nfl draft) at age 18. use the NBA d-league as a farm system similar to baseball. if people choose to attend college, that's fine, but the NCAA shouldn't be used as a training ground for future professional players without compensating them.
This is such a fucking dumb idea.
What? Nobody thinks it's just limited to UNC. That's also a stupid argument. UNC got caught, they should get punished or the system should be done away.
StyleForum Interviews CEGO's Carl Goldberg, Part I Ben P: How did you get started? Carl Goldberg: I've been in the industry longer than the age of most of the readers of this article. Growing up, my family had an Army and Navy surplus store in Philadelphia, which I worked at as a kid. My father had really great taste in clothing. He had his first suit made at the age of 16. He then had suits and shirts made in New York City. Eventually he had suits made by two...
Naked & Famous at Capsule New York: Business as Usual Words by Ben P. Naked & Famous is another tough brand to see at a tradeshow. They have “seasons” in the sense that they release new products in sequence and sometimes in relationship to the greater climate (lighter fabrics in the spring, heavier fabrics in the winter). That being said, I enjoyed meeting with the representatives from Naked & Famous at Capsule: they allowed me to photograph some awesome upcoming...
looking for some sizing advice with the wingtips - i'm a very snug 10.5 (sockless) in the beefroll loafers, and an 11 in ranger mocs. size recommendations for the blake wingtips?
your shoe prices are out of whack. instead of $400 for cp officer boots, get some MOMAs for $150 from yoox.
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