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unlined wool flannelbarena fabrics are never that great, but always interesting
here i thought regis and myself (and then several other posters) had an interesting back and forth about fit, aesthetic and other brands, but i guess it was really 6 years of terrible hair and nudies.
hey man sick shirts!!! do you have anything a little more blinged out that would be good for the club? i wear a lot of affliction and ed hardy to give you an idea of my style.
has hirsh ever explained the oversized shirts?
chromexcel is just a treatment that produces a particular type of leather - that leather can be ordered in various weights depending on what you're doing with it. obviously if you're making soft loafers you don't want ultra-thick viberg leather, but thicker leather is pricier.
part of the reason viberg's shell cordovan is especially expensive is because they're only able to get one boot per hide, which means for each pair they need two hides. they also only use the heaviest-weight chromexcel leathers (more expensive) and reject a good portion of the leather they buy as unsuitable for production.
i never critiqued his aesthetic - i think my entire point was that other tailored jackets might suit his aesthetic, as he's described it, better. my point is if you're interested in an aesthetic in general, that's different than being very rigid about only buying one brand.
i don't think you know what normcore is??? normcore demands commentary because of how normal it is.
this is really stupid. what's the threshold for being able to give advice to a poster? is there a thumbs/fit formula? are you tracking this? i also clearly understand the MMM aesthetic and the way MMM suiting fits.fashion, including personal style, is constantly evolving. people here change aesthetics every six months (or less). spacepope used to wear tons of workwear. regis started posting here wearing a lot of euro-trash stuff and at one time wore schneider. appreciation...
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