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Miami Heat's most pressing question: how do we reach the salary minimum?
The real question: what happens to Greg Oden?
Jordan had the Heart of a Champion.
And Dennis Rodman. But that had nothing to do with Jordan's success, Jordan "just wanted it more."
Yea man please, he should be more like Jordan. Fuck giving millions of dollars to charity, he should use his Hall of Fame induction speech to criticize his high school basketball coach and fight against the interests of the players during a lockout.
Also Cavs have Miamis first round pick next season, unprotected
This means Ray Allen to the Cavs too
Is there a better summer shoe? Dark brown crepe sole ranger mocs from Rancourt. Made in Maine, in excellent condition. Leather is a very soft dark brown, very flexible and comfortable. Crepe sole in excellent condition.
It's not the cut of the jean it's the stiffness and starch. Unless your jeans are stretch or are extremely tight you always start with a knee bulge. Over time/with a hot soak it fades
Dear No Man peeps: got my pair of big johns in, and was wondering if you think i should size down. They fit well right now, but I think with stretch they might get a little big. I have a little room in the seat, but the thigh is slim. These are 33 slims
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