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I'm interested. What's the deposit and total cost in USD, and whats the production time? Would appreciate a PM, don't check this thread often. Also just picked up a pair of Tricker's chelseas, very nice. Rotation is: mid-brown chelsea, tan suede brogue, brown brogue, mid-brown wingtip, light brown austerity wingtip and dark brown plain toe bluchers.
Been buying a lot of Blue Blue lately - 5 pairs of pants, all in the slim stretch ankle fit. Proxying is a necessity - the US prices are brutal. I'm usually a L in slim brands and buy a 4
Title says it all!
Am I SW&D superstar?
the point of the piece is that place in polls this far out in the election is a shitty indicator of someone actually winning the nomination, and the much better indicators (likability) are ones in which trump does poorly. it's interesting, and a good counter-narrative to the weird hysteria that's present in most pieces about trump.
so that's a no
Did you read the article?
I was at conference that had quite a few older European history professors and they were awesome: thick German accents, 3 piece suits and more than one had a 22 year old female companion.
Couple thoughts:1. Your posts like this are pretty painful to read. Way too wordy. Just leave it at "I like to wear tight-fitting suits, even if that means the silhouette is not textbook perfect."2. You have to post fewer pictures outside of spoilers. This is not a subjective opinion. Post 2-3 pictures you think are best, and post the rest inside spoilers. It's a common courtesy (and it's one of the rules of the forum).
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