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idfnl I don't think you actually know how to read. is he always like this? goddamn.
Other candidates include: Steve Ballmer, Henry Samueli and Patrick Soon-Shiong (who owns a stake in the Lakers)
You mean Oprah, Larry Ellison and David Geffen. Ellison is such a douche. If Ellison is in on the bidding, though, the team could easily go for over a billion.
You really think that the NBA would sign off on Rick Ross, regardless of his backers, to buy a team? Although they did let Prokhorov... If I had to bet it'll either be Magic Johnson (which is really Guggenheim Partners) or another a hedge fund billionaire.
Can you stop with this stupid shit? Trying to turn this into some bizarre screed about people you don't like is asinine. This isn't a free speech issue, it's a story of a group of billionaire white men who got pissed that another white billionaire was stupid enough to air his views in public, imperiling all of their profits. The NBA is a money trough, and Sterling was dumb enough to piss people off, and guess what, he doesn't get to feed anymore.Also Floyd Mayweather...
No way someone like Rick Ross has enough money.
Contemplating McNairy: Mark McNairy F/W '14 at Capsule New York Words by Ben P. I’ve always had a hard time with Mark McNairy. On one hand he, and his brand, represent almost everything wrong with #menswear: randomly applying camouflage to inappropriate pieces (how about camo socks and a blazer! exciting!), combining inappropriate patterns seemingly at random, and riding each and every trend until its painful and warranted death. On the other hand, I’ve always been...
Forever Peace has been ok so far. It won both the Hugo and the Nebula but I have a feeling that that was as much for the Forever War as it was for the book itself.
Neuromancer was Gibson's best and it's really been downhill since then. The best part about Neuromancer is how spare and focused it is, with only a few words he's able to paint an extremely vivid world. Been reading some older scifi - Forever War by Haldeman (in the middle of Forever Peace), The Day of the Triffids, Camouflage, The Last Ship.
there's two types of androgyny: 1. dressing like the opposite sex 2. dressing genderless latter is cooler
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