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on topic: first time ive bought my fiancee clothing really, got her a baggu pouch and leather shopping bag.
want to buy the yoyo.
Great loafers, just a little small for me. Made in the USA by Rancourt for Ralph Lauren. Size 10.5D, fit true. Original retail $400+. Snuff suede outer and a vibram sole.
NWT Inis Meain Gansey Sweater. Medium grey. 90% wool 10% cashmere. Hand knit. Fits a 40 regularly or a 42 slim.
snowpiercer was awesome
unlined wool flannelbarena fabrics are never that great, but always interesting
here i thought regis and myself (and then several other posters) had an interesting back and forth about fit, aesthetic and other brands, but i guess it was really 6 years of terrible hair and nudies.
hey man sick shirts!!! do you have anything a little more blinged out that would be good for the club? i wear a lot of affliction and ed hardy to give you an idea of my style.
has hirsh ever explained the oversized shirts?
chromexcel is just a treatment that produces a particular type of leather - that leather can be ordered in various weights depending on what you're doing with it. obviously if you're making soft loafers you don't want ultra-thick viberg leather, but thicker leather is pricier.
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