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could anyone compare g inglese polos to kamakura?
big john is not a stretchy brand in my experience
oh well! picked up two ties: the post-imperial inidigo w/ double adire stripes and the calabrese 1924 navy textured silk
hate being that person, but what's the SF code these days?
I don't post in the CM forum WAYT thread. It's a completely different atmosphere.
Harris Wharf boiled wool overcoat J Crew flannel suit Bigi tie Ledbury shirt Alden boots
I posted this up on another site, but figured I might as well cross post it here. I can't really find any other reviews of Ledbury's new bespoke service anywhere else. -- Just came back from my first Ledbury bespoke shirt fitting. I've never commissioned anything bespoke before -- just made to measure -- but I've always wanted to, and I've always heard a shirt is a good place to start. I decided to give Ledbury a shot for a couple reasons: they're local, they do a full...
hate to be this person, but whats the SF code right now?
ill do it!
hey guys, i think im gonna list my recently picked up eidos blue subtle pow suit in the pimo cut, size 52. would be looking for $570ish. can't get the pants let out enough ill throw it up on ebay, but wanted to see if anyone here wanted a shot first. 1/2 lined, lighter weight fabric, 2 patch pockets + a welt chest pocket.
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