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also any recs for cheap-ish shortish inseam (8") teachwear shorts with real pockets?
picked up the reigning champ shell from east dane on sale.. we'll see. WHY DIDNT I BUY THE ERVELL S/S FIELD COAT FROM OPENING CEREMONY IN 2013?...
I don't want to spend valience money -- what's the best of the regular line ?
Does anyone have any recs for a lightweight windbreaker, plenty of pockets, slimfitting, with a packable hood? Need something for a summer vacation
hillary has already been defined though. she's been on the national stage for 20 years.
well then anyone interested in some friendly election wagers? i'd wager: clinton takes MI and PA clinton wins VA by at least 5 points
Here's the problem: I assume this is based on national data, right? National data is irrelevant. It's like Hilary (or even Trump's) favorability ratings -- who cares? What the election is about - just like the past elections - is the ability of candidates to win states that will realistically be in play. Is Trump going to win Mass. barring some unforseen disaster? No. I also don't see any prospect of Trump taking a state like PA or MI. So what it comes down to is can Trump...
No. Which candidate could realistically do that? You'd need someone who could win traditionally blue states while not winning red states?
FWIW, I bet Hilary takes Virginia by 7 points, if not more. Trump is poison to the Republican voters in NoVA (who voted for Kasich) and the state is already blue.
presumably he's already in the bunker
New Posts  All Forums: