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Brand new, unworn. Tricker's x Norse Store tan suede oxfrods on a white crepe sole. 4497 last, same last as the Stowe and Burford.
Mine is likely from the 80s. Made in British Hong Kong
Yea. I'm forever searching eBay for one a size down too so I can have one to layer over
On vacation, so don't have a ton of clothes available. Vintage Engineered Garments RRL John + Elliot Viberg
late to this: nn I like the coat, but I think the color makes it harder to wear -- I think it'd look good with some high volume trousers and a white shirt buttoned all the way up. the open neckline is the challenge and at its best the coat should frame what's there. benseyed I think you should size up on all of your size 6 schneider. it all technically fits but it's too fitted and turns you into a giant box. schneider's clothing should have some drape and volume.
Vintage Club Monaco (surprisingly cool tee - made of a paper fabric) Robert Geller Viberg
That thread was a shitshow.
Also, and this is very anecdotal, but I've handled a lot of high-end clothing and footwear, and when you hold a boot that costs $900 in your hands you can pretty quickly feel if it's 'worth it' or not. When I handle Vibergs I unquestionably feel that, while expensive, they're fairly priced.
Dieworkwear's point is interesting though - most people who buy Viberg aren't buying Viberg because of the quality, but because the silhouette/styling of their boots is very on trend right now. At the same time, though, Viberg does offer an incredibly well-made product, especially when compared to other similar boots (albeit at lower pricepoints). Personally, for me, when I bought the boots it was 90% styling 10% quality, but after owning two pairs for almost a year, I'd...
I think telling people to buy Chippewas is helpful though. I'd say their service boot is the best lower-priced version of Vibergs. Part of the 'look' of a service boot is the thickness of the leather.
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