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what I'm saying is that the anti-zionist movement has assumed the rhetoric of traditional anti-semitism, and where in the past they've spoken specifically against israel (an argument i'm sympathetic to), now they're speaking against jews in general. look at the rhetoric of the BDS movement in academia - professors are attacked for simply being jewish, not because they're endorsing a zionist position. speaking out in defense of judaism (and not israel) is akin to a hate...
I like Uniqlo underwear. Everything else kind of sucks. Good when you're in college, but after ehhh
My dream pants would be super tapered with a mid-high rise and stretch. They don't exist. I use Luxire for shirts, but they don't really have fabrics that have stretch. I sent then a MTM shirt I had made and have made slight adjustments -- at this point the fit is really dialed in. For pants, I wear a lot of Wings + Horns. Also Blue Blue Japan stretch chinos (amazing) which are roughly ~$140 proxied from Japan with the weak Yen. If you want really generic stuff, Club...
for a long time i thought there was, but anti-zionist rhetoric has basically evolved into anti-semitic rhetoric, so...
It's kind of horrible and exhausting but I guess that's good for you. It's awful to have to run a bunch then come in and bust out some thrusters, but gets you back in shape real fucking quick
I know this is probably anathema to this thread but I started ... crossfit ... and never really been exposed to front squatting before now. What's tough is that my wrists/forearms fail long before my thighs/hamstrings/back.
good to know. one step closer of completing my william gibson dream from 7 years ago.
Does anyone have some good advice for wrist flexibility? Starting to front squat and it fucking kills my wrists every time and I'm not really able to maintain much of a grip and have the bar sit forward on my shoulders.
eazye how tall are you? I've always wanted a buzz rickson but I think I'm too tall
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