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i have this book, it's good.funny story: when i was an undergrad, i won a scholarship and the prize was a textbook, and i had them purchase the margiela book instead.
donald trump doesn't even know what his own net worth is, so...
piobare flipping out is totally bizarre to me, especially considering 40% of my posts in this thread are how shitty the questions are. groundbreaking stuff.
what are you talking about? I pointed out that I agreed with several of the more moderate statements, but also commented that it's a shame because those statements are marginalized by either the candidates unpopularity (which matters - because it's the context of this debate) or their unpalatability to the republican rank and file - which this debate is targeted at.i know you think you're accomplishing some great feat by 'forcing' me to acknowledge that chris christie and...
pointing out that moderate republican candidates won't be able to win the primary is not especially groundbreaking dudealso stream died
What gives you that impression?
Or voting in primaries
Good answer but sadly at odds with the republican rank and file
What us trump even saying
Rape??? Better bear that baby
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