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Perfect casual Friday shirt, a grey buttondown knit shirt from Kamakura. This is in their New York Fit (a more 'average' fit), and tagged S, which is equivalent to a 15.5/34. I'm a 16/35 in Kamakura shirts normally and it's just a little small for me. New without tags. Made in Japan. Measurements from Kamakura; Shoulder: 18 1/2 Length: 31 1/2 Chest: 45 Waist: 41 1/2
Staple button down shirt from Kamakura. Size 16/35 in their Tokyo Slim Fit, which is a slim, modern dress shirt, with a classic button down collar with a vintage Brooks Brothers roll. Made in Japan. Measurements from Kamakura: Shoulder: 19 1/2 Length: 32 1/2 Chest: 46 1/2 Waist: 42
Up for sale is a pair of brand new Eidos Napoli trousers. Made in a lightweight wool/mohair/silk blend, these are tagged 54, but fit similar to a US 36. Unfinished hems, great slubby fabric, quarter-lined. Measurements: Waist: 18.5" Rise: 12" Thigh: 12.5" Hem: 7" Inseam: 37"
Brand new pair of Carlos Santos wingtips in mid-brown polo suede. Unworn, original retail $325. NOW $175 On the 333, round toe last. Fits true-to-size. UK 10, equivalent to a US 11 D. Made in Portgual. This same shoe here:
you're totally right. I meant NY
What's a full Trickers redraft running these days from Shoe Healer?
They've had them for a couple years I think
this is kind of a weird question, but does anyone know if gerard butler wears trickers? I bought an ebay pair a year ago that was supposedly his. barely worn.
I've only worn the pique fabric knit shirts, and I wouldn't say they're an amazing summer shirt because of how heavy the fabric is. I find that a lightweight linen/cotton shirt wears cooler. For a size reference: I"m a pretty spot on 16/35 in Tokyo Slim Fit. I'm a 'comfortable' Manhattan size M knit shirt, and I even find the sleeves a little long. I've tried size S (I even own one I need to sell), and it was a little too tight in the chest and shoulders.
got the manhattans in. I like the i fit a lot. I don't find the body slimmer than a comparable tokyo slim fit size. the collar is smaller, with a smaller roll. the arms are definitely slimmer -- if they were any slimmer, they'd be too tight on me, and I have average biceps. the sleeves definitely have a different angle, and the shoulder seems 'softer'. on another note, does anyone have a size M, button down collar new york knit pique shirt they'd like to unload?...
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