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In current LGBTQ discourse this is not the case. At this point, gender has been successfully decoupled from both sexuality and sex.
Warning: I am not saying Trump is Hitler. One of the most interesting parallels I can think of though, is to Hitler. Hitler was an absolutely atrocious leader -- he was lazy, kept an insane schedule, and refused to do any of the actual work that his position required. He was only interested in military or foreign policy, and would spend hours focusing on individual unit movements at the expense of making important strategic decisions. It was only the pre-existing (and...
are you fucking stupid?'safe spaces' were originally created to help veterans who suffered from PTSD, as by warning them about content that might trigger a flashback ahead of time you could avoid imperiling their mental health
why are you trying to argue with someone who believes that the only problem facing rural america is urban drug addicts spreading their poison (and their facebook!) and corrupting the good hard working farmers that fill our countrysides?
the biggest irony is that safe spaces in large part exist to help veterans cope with PTSD
yes I think a big part of being president is dealing with all the boring bullshit that happens day-to-day.even in the context of military/security stuff, i bet 99.5% of meetings are horribly boring. its probably much more talking about specific troop dispositions, supply challenges, negotiations for basing rights, then it is you sitting in a bunker watching a special ops squad killing a terrorist.
When he was Governor he did force legislation that promoted conversion therapy at the expensive of AIDS treatments, so...Also, this is how he feels about condoms:one thing that I'm coming to believe is that trump is terribly unsuited to the mundane reality of being president: constant, boring meetings intermixed with incredibly stressful decisions. there a chance that trump peaces out from all of that and he is the ultimate do nothing president.Do you want a Vice President...
You're raising an interesting point (and one I've thought about a lot).I don't really feel like typing up a reply, but there's a crisis waiting in the wings as people start to realize the consequences of decoupling meaning from terminology, and placing identity solely in the context of individual choice and not greater social circumstance.
Here's a question for the thread: do you think Donald Trump is actually capable of being President? What I mean is that Trump seems to enjoy the parts of the campaign that stroked his ego -- big rallies, getting into obnoxious Twitter fights, holding dramatic press conferences where he said outrageous things and got a response. The reality of the Presidency, though, is nothing like that. Do you see Trump spending hours in incredibly boring meetings debating the minutiae...
Well, what does forcing people to get it mean? I don't think Pence is going to literally force people who are gay to be rounded up and sent to conversation therapy, but as a Governor he did shift funding away from AIDS treatment (causing a dramatic increase in AIDS cases in his state) to conversion therapy, which is bad.
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