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what was your total cost landed?
super dope tie. probably shouldn't be wearing it with a flannel suit, but it is what it is.
as a heads up, need supply has a bunch of nice alden makeups and they haven't increased prices for a few years, so bluchers are sub $450 at full price.
I'm not a regular here, but I read the last 15 or so pages yesterday, and I noticed that your suits seem too wide and structured in the shoulder, with pants too tight in the thigh and too wide at the hem. I think you'd benefit from a softer constructed jacket, and a looser and then more tapered pant. It'd balance you out better.
It's sale season so I imagine they're pretty busy, but my order from late last week got here yesterday. On that note, the Post-Imperial indigo linen w/ white stripe tie is super dope -- way more 'business appropriate' than I would've thought. Any plans for more tubo belts NMWA team?
does anyone have an experience ordering a buttondown in pique. how do you adjust your measurements from a typical dress shirt in oxford, broadcloth, etc?
Eidos Tenero jacket Luxire shirt Bigi for Barney's tie Haberdash Chicago (RIP) pocket square Trafalgar braces Luxire pants Vass shoes
could anyone compare g inglese polos to kamakura?
big john is not a stretchy brand in my experience
oh well! picked up two ties: the post-imperial inidigo w/ double adire stripes and the calabrese 1924 navy textured silk
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