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LOLLLOL it happened again. hahaha. go orioles.
We're a small account no matter what happens and they probably have limited production capacity.
I've been trying to get in contact with them to try to set up some sort of group made-to-order campaign, but unfortunately have not gotten a response yet. Will keep trying!
Brand new and unworn. A great pair of shoes that I picked up from the Canada West seconds sale. Yuketen "Greg" captoe oxford. Features thick brown chromexcel upper, vintage Cat's Paw sole (harder and harder to find these days) and brogued captoe. Size 10.5D. Fits very true-to-size. These were marked seconds, but I'm not sure why - I don't see any specific mark or damage, other than some scuffs on the leather that are very typical of chromexcel. Original retail on...
I think our entire editorial team has worked/works in higher education, so... What we do well -- at least in my eyes -- is walk a fine line between using our connections to get access and abusing our connections to make a profit. StyleForum is a business, but I believe we handle our editorial side very ethically. There have been brands that have offered me free products in exchange for writing them up, but I've always turned them down. It's also nice to see how over the...
recent ebay gamble paid off: picked up a pair of tricker's for comme de garcons homme plus leather wingtips. closed lacing, hidden eyelets, slight hatch grain upper. double leather sole with japanese sizing. i think these are older - the sole is attached differently than on my newer pairs.
being 6'2 190 pounds with 8% body fat probably means you look crappy in clothes. clothes look best on people with narrow shoulders, small thighs and no ass. people hating on a barbour motorcycle jacket are stupid, although that version is kind of meh, and barbour in that category is inferior to belstaff.
the key to wearing a casual blazer is to popping the lapels and having it unbuttoned. then you just say fuck it and go for it. i wear mine everywhere in the winter. i also think it's easier to wear a wool casual blazer than a cotton one. graphicnovelty don't pop the collar on that cardigan.
i have two pairs of vibergs and they are both my favorite boots. one was kind of a gamble (cinnamon roughouts) but they were there, the deal was good and fuck it they're awesome. looking to pick up an oxford or something on the 110 last. or a 2030 service boot with 12 eyelets
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