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lol what the fuck are you talking about.
yes you're right the only reason that the media mocks trump is because of an awful liberal conspiracy, not because he refuses to disavow the KKK and sounds like a total fucking moron 24/7. there's reason they treat trump differently from most other candidates.
I'm curious if testing standards have changed in colorado.
Does anyone have a hard time buying weed anymore?
? I don't think you read my post. The point is that those who are most harshly repressed tend not to be agitating for their freedom; rather it's those who have had a measure of freedom who want more
Also Trump just refused to disavow David Duke and the KKK because he doesn't know who they are. Hahaha.
Mid/early 20s upper middle class white people haven't earned enough yet to afford the shit their parent have, but still want it. It also plays into some loose sense of activism and idealism without articulating a particular position.Interesting corollary: if you study slave revolts before the Civil War, the organizers and participants were always urban slaves with extensive privileges.
How did the party allow this to happen?
Also Bernie Sanders is the Ron Paul of the left. The same people who covered my Facebook wall with nonsense about how Ron Paul would make weed legal and college free are doing the same thing today. Same bullshit about brokered conventions and online polls too. Shockingly it turns out when your only supporters are upper middle class white people you're not going do too well in states that don't only have upper middle class white people.
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