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Luckily VA allows alcohol to be shipped
Thanks guys. The botanist gin + that japanese grain whiskey look perfect... sadly I don't think I'll be able to find shit locally (thanks VA alcohol laws!). is klwines a good site?
He's not picky actually
Figure this is the place... I want to buy my dad a nice scotch/gin/rum (he drinks all 3) as a thank you for doing some legal work for me. I'm looking to spend $100. He favors small-batch, esoteric stuff if possible. Any suggestions?
StyleForumRobot is having some technical difficulties, but here's the first thread to Haiku: http://www.styleforum.net/t/453461/three-threads-bout-entry-level-footwear-february-3-2015#post_7666378
Hot Topics Filling in for the Robot who's having some technical difficulties tonight... Let’s kick off our new contest with a thread about shoes! Everyone likes shoes! And here’s three threads about… Classic Menswear shoes! Make sure to post a haiku in response to this thread and win a custom title. Florsheim by Duckie Brown Florsheim is generally an awful brand – they make ugly, cheap shoes in clunky lasts. The one exception is their collaboration with Duckie Brown:...
I got a pair of the narrow slims - definitely a lot slimmer than the regular slim fits below the knee. I ended up sizing up 1 from my slim fit size.
Can anyone tell mer about the Geller twill jeans? Slim fit, skinny fit, what's the hem like?
Big John "Faux Slub" Slim Tapered selvedge denim. Worn two weeks, soaked once. Almost no fading - beginning of fades at hem and lap. Made in Japan, excellent denim.
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