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Yuketen Fall/Winter 2014 Words by Ben P. Another visit to Capsule, another excellent season from Yuketen. One of the things I appreciate about Yuketen – and something that seems true of most of Yuki’s collections (including Monitaly, which Synthese did an admirable job of covering here) – is that each season is approached in an incremental fashion. Looking over their shoes is like visiting an old friend. You know what to expect in general, but each time there’s a...
a little late, but I've always been under the impression that viberg uses a heavier weight hide for their chromexcel, which is part of the reason why the boots are so expensive.
dale's pale ale is everywhere here
steamers are good to get occasional wrinkles out, but are never gonna be as good as an iron. true ballers have trouser presses though
boiled milksteak with a side of jelly beans
i take it you don't watch always sunny best scene:
FYI you are making the same argument Mac makes in Always Sunny when he tries to disprove evolution. So...
you live in the bay area. that's like ground zero for this shit.
yes and there's clusters of kids dying from whooping cough because their stupid upper middle class parents don't believe in vaccines, put them in small schools, and they infect each other. tb incidence is way down from where it was 70 years ago though. aids treatments are pretty incredible too.
we haven't 'cured' them but many of basically no longer exist in the west, similar to polio (which is still common in asia and africa). also aids treatment.also smallpox.
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