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the casual shirts fit way slimmer than advertised. i'm a 16/35 tokyo slim, ordered a L tokyo in a denim shirt and its skin tight.
does anyone own the silk hopsack navy blazer? super sheeny/what's the texture like?
what's the turnaround time these days for recrafting
Reqs for seattle? Staying near Pike Place Market. Definitely going to hit up Jack Straw
the Nice situation is fucked up and hits especially close to home for me -- literally a week ago my wife and I are were in nice on vacation, staying a half mile from where the attack took place. we walked by that area and ate lunch there more than once... what's tough is that there's no easy solution. the shitbag who did this was a weirdo, but had no previous indications of becoming radicalized or contact with ISIS. I do think the security around the event should've been...
Cassis, France
get at me!
how many generations should we go back and what % of immigrant blood makes you an immigrant? quick, back to blood quantum analysis!
what is this shit? are you trolling?
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