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there's two types of androgyny: 1. dressing like the opposite sex 2. dressing genderless latter is cooler
Regis that's a nice fit, but it's not androgynous at all.
Should be good. I liked the books.
On the Downlow: Nigel Cabourn and S.N.S. Herning Fall/Winter 2014 Words by Ben P. One of the most frustrating parts of attending Capsule and Market (or really any fashion tradeshow) is when you’re told that you can’t talk about or photograph something awesome. I understand – I really do – where brands are coming from: they’re showing samples at a show six or seven months before clothing will be produced and delivered to stores, and they’re worried about competitors...
Rancourt at Capsule New York Words by Ben P. I stumbled across the Rancourt booth at Capsule. I’d just gotten a free haircut (when #menswear marketing and tradeshows combine, sometime the results are good), and was killing time waiting for the line in front of the bathroom to shorten. After wandering past several paint-by-the-numbers streetwear brands, I saw Rancourt tucked into the back of the building, and couldn’t resist. Unlike most brands at Capsule, Rancourt...
Has anyone else read "All You Need is Kill"? It's the novella that the movie "Edge of Tomorrow" is based on. Really dope. Also on the shitty fantasy/scifi front: Reread the Seafort Saga, still good The Monarchies of God is still the best fantasy series, bar none.
SVB I know you love epaulet but the pants never look great. you'd look so much better in a slimmer pant.
Sadly not many. Milkmade in CA http://www.milkmade.us/brands/ has a few pieces.
Remi Relief Fall/Winter 2014 Words by Ben P. There are a lot of Japanese workwear brands at tradeshows, and moving from booth to booth can be somewhat of a blur – down jackets blend into down jackets, rucksacks blend into rucksacks and so on. Luckily, Remi Relief, despite its Americana roots, was a welcome relief from the clothing tedium. Unlike most Japanese interpretations of American clothing, Remi Relief ignores the Maine/East Coast style of workwear favored by...
I've been wearing wary parker frames for the past few years. Before that was Oliver Peoples, and while the WPs are clearly worse quality, they're like 1/10th of the price. I have a rough prescription too.
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