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ill do it!
hey guys, i think im gonna list my recently picked up eidos blue subtle pow suit in the pimo cut, size 52. would be looking for $570ish. can't get the pants let out enough ill throw it up on ebay, but wanted to see if anyone here wanted a shot first. 1/2 lined, lighter weight fabric, 2 patch pockets + a welt chest pocket.
well, thanks to this stupid thread I just picked up a pair of the mohair/wool/silk pants from NMWA -- a size big than normal, but shouldn't be that much of an issue to alter down.
work headshot! suitsupply jacket cego MTM shirt kent wang tie haberdash ps
crazy. at least the styling has gotten better for some of the sites. how bloomingdales did some of their s/s suits was not good I like how they shot their f/w product though
not the sal trouser, right? so something in between the sal and the non-NMWA suit pant?also would you ever sell that to other stockists? i feel like the demand has got to be there, it fits the styling of the jackets so well. they all have a slouchy luxe vibe, with a lower button stance, less conservative cuts/fabrics, etc.i like greg but i am just too poor to afford eidos at retail (sorry!). one day though...
my primo isn't that much slimmer than my tenero. shoulder is the same, arm is the same, waist might be a little slimmer. pants seem to be the same? fwiw, i have 2 suits in 52 and 2 jackets -- a tipo jacket, a balthazar jacket, a tenero suit and now a primo suit. the tenero and the primo are the slimmest, but i like the button stance and overall 'length' of appearance. i had my tipo nipped in at the waist. my least favorite fit is definitely the balthazar -- to me it lacks...
took a look at the POW suit i got. it's also labeled primo, but whats weird is that its identical in fit to my tenero.
Also picked up a great pow navy suit from that italy seller too - just sad they didn't add a hanger
Does anyone have experience letting out the seat in Eidos suit pants? How much allowance is there?
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