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LOL trump is now talking about privatizing Medicare
at first I thought he was funny, but now I just feel sad.
no, because they've been corrupted by urban drugs and a distance from farms.
I enjoy someone who sells bespoke shoes claiming that there is nobility in poverty.
what does this even mean. you don't believe in gender?
he still hasn't explained meth.
*slowly dies of a treatable condition because of an inability to afford medical care* Well, even though I'm wracked by agony every day, I sure do appreciate the opportunity to milk cows! I guess everything is ok after all! At least I don't use an iPhone!
No, the worst poverty is actual poverty, where you can't afford food and medicine, you blithering piece of shit.
he mainly posts about how many high end shoe brands have shitty construction, but yes he has sold bespoke shoes through this forum, most likely to some safe space black liberal drug addict
It might get lost in the idiocy of DWFII, but I do like how he's implying that the protests in 1968 (I assume at the Republican Convention? He's not specific) were somehow worse than the protests against the Civil Rights movement, where people were lynched.
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