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does anyone know of a wingtip balmoral? i have a weird pair of comme de garcons x tricker's i pickedu p on ebay a few years ago. they are a bourton upper with a balmoral closure, double leather sole, 2x the normal number of eyelets (like 10 or 12 eyelets), and not on the 4444 or 4497 last
no, a US 36. in Eidos sizing 50 = 34. These are suit separates.
as eason would say, 'crepe sole is the shoe choice of rapists'. thus creeper!
zam happy to see you posting here. i think those nikes look a lot better than some of your CCP stuff.
i had a pair in a different color, but yes the leather is about 10x nicer. postman are kind of patent/cheapy/plastic feeling.our legacy made a similar creeper a few years ago as well.
nothing wrong -- I just have 3 other pairs of snuff suede dress shoes (longwing, vass italian oxford and some shortwings) and need to clear some space
I'm dumb. I didn't get a mini ripple, I got the wedge.
i just ordered a pair of the snuff suede, with black mini ripple and a brown midsole
i ordered a pair about a month ago, when i talked to them they said they were almost finished clearing out a big backlog and was expecting 6-8 weeks for new orders
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