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anyone here from japan? need a proxy hook up for something specific (access to their outlet store online)
you should follow @styleforum on instagram. visited horween in chicago today, amazing stuff! here's some preview snaps:
normaly i dont answer bullshit threads like this, but im bored so... he's probably wearing either alternative or american apparel henleys. if you size down they'll be tight in the shoulder and spread like that. theres no specific cut.
snapshots of today, check out @styleforum on instagram
if any cool chicago people want to grab a drink holla at me.
Hey guys! I'm about to leave for Chicago and am taking over the @styleforum instagram feed for the week. Follow! I'll be eating a lot of pizza, visiting at least one leather factory, and attending a black tie event. Woo?
Jeans aren't dad enough, which ironically was my biggest complaint about the Steve Jobs movie
food/shopping recs for chicago? i have like 6 days to kill
If you're interested in helping out with a very cool project and are a. good at photography, b. in the Chicago area, get in touch!
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