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That thread was a shitshow.
Also, and this is very anecdotal, but I've handled a lot of high-end clothing and footwear, and when you hold a boot that costs $900 in your hands you can pretty quickly feel if it's 'worth it' or not. When I handle Vibergs I unquestionably feel that, while expensive, they're fairly priced.
Dieworkwear's point is interesting though - most people who buy Viberg aren't buying Viberg because of the quality, but because the silhouette/styling of their boots is very on trend right now. At the same time, though, Viberg does offer an incredibly well-made product, especially when compared to other similar boots (albeit at lower pricepoints). Personally, for me, when I bought the boots it was 90% styling 10% quality, but after owning two pairs for almost a year, I'd...
I think telling people to buy Chippewas is helpful though. I'd say their service boot is the best lower-priced version of Vibergs. Part of the 'look' of a service boot is the thickness of the leather.
StyleForum x Viberg Cinnamon Roughouts with significant wear
Haven't posted in a ... long time. Wings + Horns jacket Rag & Bone tee John + Elliot sweats Viberg boots Does anyone else miss the old, pre-Theory Rag & Bone? I own a couple pieces from 2007-2008 and they are incredibly well made. Also Viberg boots age wonderfully.
Hey, they don't have to work with us. It's not the end of the world. And their product is still nice.
thank you this is exactly what I was looking for. wonder why they don't indicate that online.
who has reqs for good all wool/cashmere touch screen gloves? for some reason the uniqlo gloves this year aren't touchscreen (or are they?)
I'm gonna be honest - as much as I'd love to work with them, from what I remember of their minimums, it's probably going to be logistically difficult to get a MTO run going
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