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Boglioli Lardini Futuro (no idea what this brand is?)
Stop posting about how you're going to stop posting. Instead, just... stop posting.
I read your posts on that other forum. You're a whiny tool. Why are you still posting here if this site is nothing but sheeple?
Some good sales right now! Navy Engineered Garments B2B Jacket (Steven Alan) Wings + Horns Lightweight Green Sweatshirt (Bloomingdale's)
I don't know if you're speaking directly to me, but I don't think I was bodyshaming Benes. I'm not saying that 'he should be thinner', but that he seems to be favoring a brand that might not be congruent with his proportions.I've always maintained - and based on Schneider that I've owned, tried on and still own - that the brand is hard to wear if you have wide shoulders/a big back. It's generally narrow in the shoulder with tighter armholes. Benes seems to be buying a lot...
People forget that Schneider is basically a unisex brand and looks best on guys with narrow shoulders and narrow hips.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a good point and shoot camera? Want something that's good with indoor lighting and static clothing shots.
then why post here? for only positive comments? and hell i like the fit but why so defensive?
I like the hendrix fit except for the pants. If theyw ere slimmer or cropped it'd be great. would provide some structure
Can anyone compare sizing vs Viberg 2030 last or Alden?
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