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I still have 2 suits (iron flannel) that are more than 10 yrs old. Keepers tweed will probably last until my passage to a better world. Just make them with a second pair of pants, rotate the pants, have a decent suit rotation (do not wear a pair of pants more than once a week), use pretty heavy fabric - 12 oz and more - and you will enjoy your suits for a long time (wear them with different accessories, just not to get bored with)!
second that, with a more formal tie and white shirt + black shoes!
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog What are some good niche, citrus-based fragrances? Anglia Perfumery Spiced Lime and Strand - good price for quality!
To join the debate, in the '20 and '30 people tended to be more frugal than we are! Mostly because "consumer pressure" was lower, and there was not such a difference between "formal and casual" as we have now. The typical wardrobe (if I remember correctly form my grandfather's generation) would had been 2-3 day suits (normally grey), 1-2 afternoon (navy) and one dinner (tuxedo) per season - S/S and F/W plus one half to one dozen white shirts. Informal would had been some...
I have a 50% cashmere - 50% cotton jacket (Zegna fabric) that I made for SS - it is unwearable in more than 20 C! So be careful!
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh could be because your feet are two different sizes? Second that (have the same problem). try to see how it's going with an insole!
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja [/b] Really? This works? Are you not scared of moths or something eating at your woolens or suit Airing will kill the moth larvae. I air a suit for 12 hrs at least after wear (I smoke alot, including pipe) then I put it back in the closet which has small sacks of lavender. I try to minimize the dry cleaning - once a year - and if a suit is totally wrinkled, it gets to my tailor for a new press. If...
Probably your feet are different in size from morning to afternoon. On the other hand, if the Borgioli are, as I suspect, Rapid-Blake's, the break-in process can be extremely painfull, and will be longer than Goodyear. You can get them streched by a cobbler and put some shoe stretcher foam on the inside until they are broke in (had this problem with a pair of Martegani, which took around 2 years - 6-7 wears in the meantime because it was too painful to wear them). The...
http://i499.photobucket.com/albums/r...-ethan-2-s.jpg Does that look boring ...
Yes, if the bride is not bridezilla! A stroller is a more flexible piece than a morning dress!
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