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No, but it improved vastly my ironing skills - try to keep creases sharp on a winter felt uniform (old Warsaw Pact style). As my battalion XO said when I was leaving service "Teacher, you are one of the few men that looks better in civilian clothes than in an uniform"!
Try this site http://www.sape-bz.com/. There are some great pics!
Flannel for the winter (Fox Flannels's is great), linen an mohairs for the summer.
Bought a dormeuil last year and my ex bought herself some fabric from him, not very communicative, but the transaction was super ok. Ex says that its better to call him (has also a skype number)! Good to have a feedback on him. BTW he had a good feedback!
Try one suit - with thai tailors is quite a gamble! Charcoal is ok, drop the vest, better have 2 pants made - same color and fabric with the jacket. Buy 2-3 crisp white shirts and 2-3 blue (leave aside the flusser theory), 2-3 ties -burgundy, solid navy, maybe a navy with white polka dots. 2 pairs of captoe oxfords - one black, one brown, 2-3 white linen PS and you have the basics covered. Its boring, but it starts like that.
I have the same problem - one foot slightly bigger than the other. I buy shoes that fit my larger foot, and just put in the other an insole. Problem solved.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike On TV yesterday (27 mins and 10 secs in): http://www.tv3play.no/play/244906/?autostart=true It's one of those shows where people who are badly in debt seek help; I'm valuating the guy's watches. (I think the similar US show is called "'Til Debt Do Us Part" and the UK one "Spendaholics". I'm wearing a 70s "double red" Sea Dweller, btw. Wellcome back LS!
Quote: Originally Posted by lexmann Any recommendations? I am a buget traveller so anything from 10 to 25 EURO per head would fit my budget. In Brussels try the small chinatown near De Broukere. In Paris, well, go on Rue Mouffetard (via Rue Monge metro station), there are some nice arab small restaurants - if they are still in business, go to "La Rose de Souse", great couscous and grills, or from Bd. Saint Germain, Gregorys (rue Gregoire de...
Good for you - I am in the same process, even if i'm 6 2! The most important slimming factor is fit, not color or stripes - yes, it helps, but the quality of the tailoring is very important. If a garment is well tailored, it will shed another 10-15 pounds for you. Second thing is that you will not stabilize at the lowest weight that you will achieve, but a little bit higher (I have a friend that had lost a lot of weight after a break up, bought some nice Kiton & Co...
I still have 2 suits (iron flannel) that are more than 10 yrs old. Keepers tweed will probably last until my passage to a better world. Just make them with a second pair of pants, rotate the pants, have a decent suit rotation (do not wear a pair of pants more than once a week), use pretty heavy fabric - 12 oz and more - and you will enjoy your suits for a long time (wear them with different accessories, just not to get bored with)!
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