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Quote: Originally Posted by tsasls I believe the cost difference may be due to the lower cost of production in Hungary[non EU] of Vass compared to the Austrian retail location of St. Crispins. Having multiple pairs of both makers,the Vass are the better value. Both Vass and St. Crispin are EU products - Vass in Hungary and StC in Romania - members of the EU since 2004 (HU) and 2007 (RO).
It is possible if it fits on the shoulders - taking in the waist (and back) is simple. I dont know if it worths.
From my experience, the DC intern uniform (including Capitol Hill) is the "California Tuxedo" - blue OCBD, Khakis, navy blazer, reppe tie and burgundy penny loafer! Switch the khaki's for grey pants for events.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Navy linen blazer FTW. Same here!
Depends on where do you work (social environment) - banking, government (high level) certainly not, media, communication, academia - yes! When I was working in govt, I had used PoW as a "dress down" variant - as other mid- gray's - for days that I had no formal meetings (your first example is quite muted, for me it will pass for a good "before lunch" or "friday suit") I used a lot mid gray's, pattern or not; when moved to "normal world" a PoW would be as dressed (read...
Go for side vents or ventless suits. MTM or bespoke can help a lot! And guys - it is not always about exercise!
Chinese mob, sorry to say!
First rule of bespoke - do not micro manage your tailor (he/she knows better than you what can be done)! Second rule of bespoke - for the first commission KISS (keep it simple)! Do not venture in styles that you had not worn yet. 2 or 3 B SB, simple pants, etc. (keep it classic) if you need a good suit. For the shoulder construction you can go either unstructured (more or less neapolitan) or get them with a rollino, if you feel that your body structure needs it. Normally,...
Red Sea Rigg or mufti if it is "Orient Express" (i'd understand a '20' orientalist theme). Black tie with a fez will also work.
Its good!
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