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Chinese mob, sorry to say!
First rule of bespoke - do not micro manage your tailor (he/she knows better than you what can be done)! Second rule of bespoke - for the first commission KISS (keep it simple)! Do not venture in styles that you had not worn yet. 2 or 3 B SB, simple pants, etc. (keep it classic) if you need a good suit. For the shoulder construction you can go either unstructured (more or less neapolitan) or get them with a rollino, if you feel that your body structure needs it. Normally,...
Red Sea Rigg or mufti if it is "Orient Express" (i'd understand a '20' orientalist theme). Black tie with a fez will also work.
Its good!
Depends on what kind of work you do. My Minimal list is 3 suits (one navy, one mid gray, one darker gray) with 2 pair of pants each, plus one navy blazer + 2-3 pairs of pants (greys), for each season (F/W, S/S). Add to that around a dozen of dress shirts (white and blue) and 6 to 12 ties, one dozen pair of socks (navy is ok) and 4 pairs of shoes for each season. You won't get prizes on WAYWRN, but you'll survive business!
Shoes wise - buy a pair of suede shoes, brown. As for ties and shirts - any cashmere tie will look good, also knitted, oxford pinpoint shirts (blue or white), brown or cream turtlenecks. But keep in mind - it is a casual (corduroy) suit, good for cold weather. Even if Germany is not the most stylish place in Europe, do not show at a somewhat formal wedding in that.
No, but it improved vastly my ironing skills - try to keep creases sharp on a winter felt uniform (old Warsaw Pact style). As my battalion XO said when I was leaving service "Teacher, you are one of the few men that looks better in civilian clothes than in an uniform"!
Try this site http://www.sape-bz.com/. There are some great pics!
Flannel for the winter (Fox Flannels's is great), linen an mohairs for the summer.
Bought a dormeuil last year and my ex bought herself some fabric from him, not very communicative, but the transaction was super ok. Ex says that its better to call him (has also a skype number)! Good to have a feedback on him. BTW he had a good feedback!
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