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An overnight soak in Vanish (OXY), not in bleach + a wash at 95 degrees, long cycle. Remember that sometime ago white shirts were boiled! A white enhancer will also work - if you still have roots in Istanbul, there will be someone knowing how to do it (it is in fact a very light blue color, it will change the yellow white into blue white, as in xenon headlights).
Some tips from a "rotund" fellow: MTM is the real option - go bespoke if you have the money ! Avoid like hell baggy clothes - go as fitter as you can, a little bit of structure in tailoring will be better; A coat will elongate and slim you more than you can tell - so avoid the khaki - OCBD - tie combo; either go tieless + SC (with a nice Pocket Square) or just wear a SC+tie, if it will not be seen as overdressed; You will need a two seasons wardrobe - one for Fall/Winter,...
Very interesting leap from Carmina shoes to Vova and Mitea - "nash rukavaditel' i nash president"!
Try any dishwashing detergent liquid - if stain too stubborn any decent cleaner should deal with. The french have a miracle product called "Terre de Sommiers" - a very fine clay powder that really takes out grease from stains, combined with "Detachant Hussard" (bought from valmour) I could take out stains out of ties thought long gone.
An industrial made suit will not have the same fabric reserve that a tailor made one will have (the amount of fabric that is left around the stitches. For economy sake, they will cut as closely as they can, so your tailor has not the necessary amount of extra fabric (in the insides of your jacket) to let it out. For the future - buy a jacket that fits around the shoulders (that is the tricky part for a coat to remake), the rest can be taken off quite easily - did not get...
For the vent issue - no it cannot be fixed with a RTW jacket! Go for a side vent or ventless on a different pattern - you probably have a drop issue (the difference between chest and tights is lesser than in the pattern of the jacket. As a "diplomatic" solution, a navy blazer is a good one!
For a first commission, go with a classical cut - 3 roll 2 for example - mid grey suit - if you are set on Dugdale's have the New Fine Worsteds (on the lighter side, but better for a 9 months suit in subtropical Australia, something like 8961, a good mid grey.
In France you will have 2 separate ceremonies - etat civil (city hall) and religious (if you want). The marriage certificate will be issued only by the etat civil, so take care. Normally, at the etat civil people will be dressed in gray suits or other lounge (it normally takes place in the morning) so a tuxedo will be an overkill for sure. Check that please, and the technical delays - you should place the "bans de marriage", etc. if you are not doing it at the Australian...
Quote: Originally Posted by tsasls I believe the cost difference may be due to the lower cost of production in Hungary[non EU] of Vass compared to the Austrian retail location of St. Crispins. Having multiple pairs of both makers,the Vass are the better value. Both Vass and St. Crispin are EU products - Vass in Hungary and StC in Romania - members of the EU since 2004 (HU) and 2007 (RO).
It is possible if it fits on the shoulders - taking in the waist (and back) is simple. I dont know if it worths.
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