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Navy suits are better to be leaved alone! Btw, the waistcoats you selected have a different weight and texture of cloth, so it will look quite odd in reality. Frankly, IMHO odd vests are better with sporty suits (Glen plaid, houndstooth, etc) rather than business suits, or with sport jackets and slacks. But, if you want you are free to try . /My 0.002 euros
3.8 mtr should be sufficient, depends on the tailor and the cut. Best way to know, call your tailor!
You should go see an alteration tailor to "clean up" the back - i.e. to let a little bit the center seam if the suit has a fabric reserve. It pulls out too much on the shoulders and on the waist.
Go shopping! Find a nice charcoal tie!BTW - here - in Europe - the word is that black is only for family, the others should wear only dark colors. Black for shoes of course!
Some of my 2 cents: - Avoid like hell any shinny suits or small patterns (be careful even with mohair, studio lightning can be very crude), try to find a fabric that "drinks" the light; - Avoid linen, the creases will be too visible; - Avoid brown, it looks like hell with blue light (which is the main spectrum for studio lights these days) - Avoid white shirts if you are pale skinned, you can look like a corpse - a little bit of tan and some make-up, mostly in the T...
Cut your carbs - eliminate for 3-4 weeks, the hunger will disappear. Drink only water, keep a good level of minerals, eat a lot of fiber (broccoli, cauliflower, salad) and protein. Avoid like hell sodas or any form of carbonated drinks (including "diet"). Monitor your blood pressure, do cardio - strong levels of workout will make you hungry - start working hard after your metabolism is settled.
Why not a Grey DB?
From my own experience - +50 pounds loss in 6 1/2 months - the worst period is the first week (10 days), then you become less hungry, but my tolerance to skip meals is gone. South beach diet is good for the first 2 weeks (first phase), the you can go Montignac or what ever low carb diet you want. Keep you minerals in check, you can have potassium losses quite easly (buy some multi mineral supplements and do not forget about them in the morning). Main cause is the...
Quote: Originally Posted by ArliHawk` Isn't formal chino an oxymoron? +1
I had "miracle" results (removing some extremely old stains from silk ties) with the following combo - detachant "Hussard" from Valmour - the guys that sell online Saphir products - + Terre de Sommiers - a very fine argile powder that really takes out any greasy residue. Just soak lightly the stain with Hussard and then sprinkle some Terre de Sommiers, leave for a day (ok it might be quicker, but is how I've done it) and then blow the powder. No stain, no powder residue.
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