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Frankly, you will work as much as "un-polish" your shoes that you will to polish them! Any good brand will be comfortable if you get them fit (which is not always a straight forward process). See the 1829 and Jermyn street lines form Trickers - my most comfortable ones, having a larger foot - and if you want to have a "unique" shoe get them a patina! Also quite forward are Stefano Bi (the guys that used to produce Berlutti) and they have some nice patinas out of the...
Second that, keep it classical and simple! At entry level positions HR will look for the more "maleable" candidates, not for those with a "strong" personality.
To be clear, Romanian tailors are not running operations like Hong-Kong or Bangkok - i.e. short term turn-around destined to cater foreign travelers - it is mainly oriented towards local clientele, like in Southern Italy or Greece. The price difference is given by the relative value of work price in the general context of Romanian economy. Time - of course they can do a rush job, but I, personally, cannot guarantee that. Three weeks is quite a good turnaround - for three...
If you go for tailor made (canvas or - between 200 and 400 US$ per suit CMT, overcoats around 150-250 US$ CMT, shirts don't know (might go north of that, but not very much). The big problem is that you have to source your own fabric, even if you can find some decent wool fabric on the heavy side (locally made, but mostly exported). The process will go with 3 fittings in around 3 weeks, even if they can expedite (depending on the work load), but the real problem is that...
Many (too many acording to SWIMBO) times a year. Can find full canvas bespoke (or what ever definition you have) at great prices in Bucharest, which fuels my gluton side.
Bigger pattern PoW, yes. Or Glenn Check. For the fabric, aside cashmere, I'd love Fox Flannels - soft, warm, quite durable... My 2 cents!
Solids, polka dots, pindots, wowen ties!
Navy suits are better to be leaved alone! Btw, the waistcoats you selected have a different weight and texture of cloth, so it will look quite odd in reality. Frankly, IMHO odd vests are better with sporty suits (Glen plaid, houndstooth, etc) rather than business suits, or with sport jackets and slacks. But, if you want you are free to try . /My 0.002 euros
3.8 mtr should be sufficient, depends on the tailor and the cut. Best way to know, call your tailor!
You should go see an alteration tailor to "clean up" the back - i.e. to let a little bit the center seam if the suit has a fabric reserve. It pulls out too much on the shoulders and on the waist.
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