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A). You are a high-school intern, nobody expects you to dress like the chief of staff! B) It's a campaign office, so I would not expect that every one will be, always wearing a tie or a suit. Depends on how much time you will spend there, you will see that your candidate will wear all the spectrum of sartorial choices - from crappy jeans to black tie. C) Very much depends on the personality of the principal (candidate). I remembered visiting a Californian Republican (Dana...
Conditioner - Crema Alpina (Nubiana rebranded for Bata)- left to dry over night, then light application of cream -vamp and heel (Saphir MdOr), then buffing with brush, then two or three layers of wax polish on the toe and heel. If you apply the conditioner when shoes are still "hot" and on trees, you will reduce creasing visibly. my 0.02 euro
http://chromatism.net/current/images/gramsci.jpg http://architettura.supereva.com/sim...080316/10C.jpg
Mea culpa, remembered badly : "Now I must touch upon a sore spot," the prolific Italian writer Antonio Gramsci wrote to his father in 1910. "You, as regards the suit, have not written to me any more; and I, for my part, when I went to Ghilarza for Easter looked indecent, as you yourself told me. Since you thought that it was my fault for not having Castangia make me a suit." The importance and prestige of wearing an Italian-made tailored suit was slowly becoming a...
Sorry, that info came from an article in Cigar Afficionado, some 10 yrs ago, and it was about Brioni. If my source is wrong (they quoted a letter of Gramsci's father to young Antonio, that he should make at least one good suit with Brioni) I am wrong! But, as the Italians will say, si non e verro, e ben trovato!
Quote: Originally Posted by RatherAnOddball Pince-nez spectacles and an ice-pick in your skull. And that picture of Lenin post-stroke simply isn't fair. Prior to 1923, I think Lenin could easily win best-dressed dialectical materialist. Engels, judged by the standards of his own time, may have been a formidable challenger, however. Nope, Antonio Gramsci, he made his suits at Brioni! The real look is not of the "Party leadership", but...
Ill fitted gray suit (lots of polyester), short sleeve white shirt, a polyester tie green or brown, or whatever does not fit with the suit, horrible black shoes (preferably artificial uppers) funny hairstyle, you can also put the coat over your shoulders, like a cape. That is the commie bureaucrat look. Lived with them for 25 years. Btw, no cologne or whatever - not even Aqua Velva. My best wishes comrade,
Going back to my original post - IMHO you need both cream (pot) and wax (tin) for your shoes. The cream will color and nourish the leather, the wax will seal and shine. Depending on your rotation - i.e. the when you wear your shoes - one in three times you will need to apply cream to the shoes and them wax. Normally you wax after the wear (I use on my shoes also an application of conditioner, when I take my shoes out, still "hot", it restores the creases, etc.). The...
Crema Alpina im buying from Bata, they sell it with their brand... In the US, I don't know, try Bata or net... There are alternatives - meltonian i think.
Build it yourself! Buy "Crema alpina" - great conditioner, a pot of Saphir black and one of neutral cream, plus one Saphir wax polish in both (Medaille d'or is the best). Add two brushes - one for black one for brown, one old Tshirt. Read how to polish your shoes over the net, practice and take care of the shoes. Simple indeed!
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