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Dark grey, navy, red, pink, gold ... the list can continue. In fact, it depends on the shade of pink and the rest of the outfit. If you take pink as a primary color (washed red) then you can go with both different shades of red, or any other primary color, plus the non - colors (white-black).
Yes, both, orange in the day, gold as more "dressed"!
For me #1 as a primary choice (more on Johnny Goodman side than Johnny Depp side), combined with #3 (#2 I can handle). For the "if you can afford" - here in Central Europe you can get a decent bespoke at lesser prices than a "brand" made in china, glued suit.
Only if you work for Garibaldi... Casual it's ok with me...
Try classic british made fabrics. I find the nice italian ones less durable (my experience with Zegna). With two pairs of pants and some extra fabric to do the repairs can last more than 5 years of intense wear.
Well, the eternal US academic dilemma - what shall I wear! From my humble experience as an academic being very well put together will give you more attention and courtesy form your students compared with your colleagues that sport a more "de-structured" outfit. I tend to have more sport coats than suits, I go no-tie from time to time, but a very elegant professor will be more respected by his/her students than a sloppy one - it is all about the message: if I am sloppy as a...
In Eastern Europe - depends really where are you moving - you will find metal taps, that all decent cobblers will put on your shoes. You should do some intelligence work among the local people - not the expat community - on who is the best cobbler (you might find also cordwainers ), give a tour of his shop, see what shoes is he working on, etc.
With a dark grey one will be better, and I would not wear a tie with converses!
Welcome, first of all! Being on the portly side is not a challenge (to be P.C. I am also "gravitationally challenged"). Despite the popular belief in the US, well fed people are not a bunch of slob idiots! The magic word is FIT. A good tailor can shave 20 pounds of your silhouette, despite the fabric or what else. Yes, darker colors are better, pinstripe is going to add a good visual effect, but the most important thing is how things are fitting you. If you are in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I always understood that cedar trees did some moisture absorbing that was critical. Have I understood incorrectly? Or will plastic do just fine for the 3 weeks I'm on the road? Yes, but they are not light ... How many pairs do you take for a 3 week rotation? If you are taking only 2 pairs, there will be alot of stress on them. On the other hand, the plastic ones are opened, so there will be ventilation!...
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