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Yep, Crema Alpina is Nubiana rebranded for Bata store, in fact is one of the few things worth to be bought from them!
Depends on what suits are you carrying with you, temperature, etc. If you are having with you one gray suit for more formal meetings, you can take two pairs of gray pants to complement your blazer and sport coat. My preference will go with the one on the left - it goes good with both gray, navy and even olive flannels. Or take a dark grey herring bone ... In fact, when you are traveling, nobody expects you to change in a different outfit every day. If you have a fair...
Ok, probably I'm running completely crazy but today, when putting some Crema Alpina on a pair of shoes (after wear, before trees) I've put some conditioner also on the lining, thinking that it has also to be nourished. Some other people done that before?
In the quality order : Harvie and Hudson (very classic english, they offer their shirts both FC and button 2b) TM Lewin - better cut and fabric than CT. My preference is H&H, and the price difference is not significative.
"Dark brown" is really dark - I would say "ebony" or in italian "testa de moro", so check with your shoes, the most "normal" brown is the "medium brown" and with its variations - cognac (brandy) with consistent yellow shade or mahogany with a consistent red shade. So if you have a really dark pair of shoes it will go with "marron fonce" (ad litteram "dark chestnut").
Ditto for me, better than jeans or khakis!
Try the Mob Boss and the stripper dame look - DB with large stripes "Zoot", spats, large brim fedora... add the spice ... If asked what kind of business is, you say "Murder Inc."
Well, the burgundy blazer question is pretty tricky - had one 15 years ago, felt under the scissors of my ex-wife when she had done my first "sartorial culling". She got a good point, you cannot, despite any good cut or fabric, to evade the "attendant" look. With the navy blazer - that's simple - I wear it with gingham or butcher stripe shirts, dark grey flannels, good shoes, it has an impeccable fit (I never wear blazer and khakis) so it is out of the question that I am...
Frankly, I get horrified by stories like this! I cannot understand why intelligent people can get in such a state (aside total hybris). I would not wash my car in an outfit like that, and probably, if someone will point in face of the students like this, he/she would have to have an explanation with the dean. I can understand statements or being sartorially challenged, or just not to care, but looking like a bum is too much!
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