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I had switched from gold to silver (sterling, although) buttons on my blazer, mostly because I felt that golden ones are too "bling". Prefer the patina that is on the silver ones, more discreet and better looking against dark navy.
Good quality for the price, better than high - street shops, have some, but after taking the plunge for Harvie and Hudson, I had stayed there!
Depends on how much you figure your needs in clothes - if you go for a full wardrobe (even minimal) there is a significant investment, if you go gradually, you will find that you spend a lot on junk - bad shoes, bad suits, bad etc. Audit your wardrobe in parallel with your spending habits and plan it throughly - on a 5 year base. Start with a suit - full bespoke - and one MTM (or entry level bespoke, as offered by Kilgour for example). For me going bespoke with shirts is...
Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak Hey all, Since I didn't get any useful responses to the Shoe Step or Butler thread I would like to ask you all: I want to polish my shoes the way they do in the shops, with two hands and a sweeping cloth. I find the results are much better and I spend less time than if I just use one hand. But how can I do that and make sure the shoe is in place? What are your methods? Grab the shoe tree with a...
From my experience - that was 2000, but I think is still relevant - go for the chinese tailors, not for the indians. I've made the mistake of going to an indian tailor, and the sheer result was throwing out of the window 200 $. The suit was baggy, the shirts were unwearable. There are some upscale chinese tailors in the shopping arcade of the Oriental Mandarin hotel - the lady there seemed knowledgeable and they offered three fittings. The price was not very low - at that...
Quick application of polish (wax) with a rag+ 2 drops of water, wait for 2 min. Raaah (fog them with your breath) and a buff with a ladies panties!
H&H, definitely
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton A solid gray odd jacket with solid blue odd trousers is like my own personal version of aesthetic distopia. YMMV. Never said that it will be extremely stylish, but it can work - there are more variables - shirt, tie, PS, shoes. Plus the shades, texture and weight of both fabrics. So I won't eliminate ab initio the combination, I said that it can work (or more precisely it can be worked around).
Blue or navy blue pants, can work. For buying one, I don't think so... Got two tweeds - but they are not purely dark gray. One is a Zegna interpretation of donnegal - grey herringbone with lots of colored "bumps", other one is a cashmere cotton with a barely visible brown window pane (kind of hopsack) - intended for summer, is perfect for spring/autumn.
Yep, at least with the women I want to be!
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