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From my experience - that was 2000, but I think is still relevant - go for the chinese tailors, not for the indians. I've made the mistake of going to an indian tailor, and the sheer result was throwing out of the window 200 $. The suit was baggy, the shirts were unwearable. There are some upscale chinese tailors in the shopping arcade of the Oriental Mandarin hotel - the lady there seemed knowledgeable and they offered three fittings. The price was not very low - at that...
Quick application of polish (wax) with a rag+ 2 drops of water, wait for 2 min. Raaah (fog them with your breath) and a buff with a ladies panties!
H&H, definitely
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton A solid gray odd jacket with solid blue odd trousers is like my own personal version of aesthetic distopia. YMMV. Never said that it will be extremely stylish, but it can work - there are more variables - shirt, tie, PS, shoes. Plus the shades, texture and weight of both fabrics. So I won't eliminate ab initio the combination, I said that it can work (or more precisely it can be worked around).
Blue or navy blue pants, can work. For buying one, I don't think so... Got two tweeds - but they are not purely dark gray. One is a Zegna interpretation of donnegal - grey herringbone with lots of colored "bumps", other one is a cashmere cotton with a barely visible brown window pane (kind of hopsack) - intended for summer, is perfect for spring/autumn.
Yep, at least with the women I want to be!
Quote: Originally Posted by JBM A Viennese Christmas Ball Friday, December 12th, 2008 Seven o'clock Champagne Reception Eight o'clock Grand March Music by Con Brio! Viennese Waltz, Polka, Fox Trot, Tango, Fledermaus Quadrille Viennese Desserts and a special Christmas performance Washington Golf and Country Club 3017 North Glebe Road Arlington, Virginia 22207 It is not the Military Academy ball. This is for all the politicians in DC that wants...
Campaigning is not good for your shoes and clothes, there is a lot of wear and tear that you cannot avoid. Seeing Sen. Obama, I won't say he is a slob, just a candidate for the highest office in his country who has no time or energy to make wardrobe maintenance.
You are in the process of becoming an officer and gentleman! Are you going to dance in dinner jacket, or tails and white tie, which is the norm for a Vienna Opera Ball - see the director of the Vienna opera, he is in full ceremonial white tie, with his decorations and orders in full, not in miniature. For the dinners and parties before, go for the dinner jacket, if you do not want to wear your Navy ceremonial dress (which will be appropriate), you can wear a red cummerbund...
Crema Nubiana 1888 (rebranded Crema Alpina for Bata) you can find it in every Bata shop, it is liquid and extraordinary!
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