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Grey, dark to medium, hopsack - Dr. Holiday posted a great one - or herringbone, donnegal, preferable cashmere, can do either dressed sporty or casual. And I can suggest as a third one the gun check, it pairs good with flannels or cords. My 0.02 euros
IMHO, yes, as grey is not a color, so it is very versatile. If you wear white with brown, you can treat grey as a "less-white" and wear it accordingly - see the italian examples!
Quote: Originally Posted by Scoundrel I've found the collective, unending animosity (at the other place) toward things not Anglo a bit annoying, but I've learned to tolerate it. I simply tell myself that certain views are bias. Yes, Anglo shoes are sturdy, but sometimes, ahem, how shall I say this, unattractive. Though not necessary, I think a tendency toward English stuff is an overtone of the Internet gentleman. And what do you do with...
There are a lot of good suits that are not A&S or what ever, see T. Mahon's blog - The English Cut. Also there are good suits on the Ebay - look at A. Harris store, and there is also Filene's, Simms etc. where yoi can find decent things at very decent prices. Ron Rider has great shoes at great prices, the web is full of good things, you just have to do your homework. Not every one is full of money, but we manage to find the best possible deal!
Fall and spring, not a big fan of either very hot or very cold weather!
No, just tend to minimize the result of having two dogs! Tried to avoid that when had my first dog - 25 years ago, now I invested in good brushes. It is like trying to have a neat back seat in your car when you have a kid!
Cuffs way to big for your hand! Change the maker!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober We are not currently setup to do our own printing but down the road this is something that I am very interested in as it will allow us to expand our ability to do very small experimental runs of new designs and explore the use of more natural dyes. In the past I have heard an interest in printed pocket squares using old hunting scenes and unicorns etc which require lots of colors and I am really not sure about...
Gives me more choice in combining colors - e.g. a blue with red border, I can go with both colors in combination. For linen, it brakes the "all white" very formal, so I can wear them with more casual jackets or suits - summer ones for example.
Blunt advertising for a very bad suit! Please stop!
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