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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I swear that it is 20oz, though. - B Nope, because is not herringbone, just a plain weave hopsack, I stick with Bottega Veneta!
Sorry, this is not LL Cloth club, is PG Bottega Veneta intreciatto breakfast!
And this one,!
The fury is going on in AAAC! One thing is great about this whole thing - brought Manton and FNB, with all their differences, in the same boat!
Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak My fondness for sport coats has become a curiosity. Id like to know how SF members wear their coats, since I'm trying to incorporate them into my daily wear. So the poll question is how often do you wear them? If you're gonna leave a reply please dont leave out any juicy details (What style/colors you wear, what do you wear it with, When NOT to wear it, etc... Depends on the environment in that you...
Frankly, I am in the final part of the same project - 3 suits to go - then I can spend money on a good pair of shoes - EG or Vass, or some other goodies! Congrats!
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni yes, I think I remember reading that it is crema alpina rebranded. No, Alpina is Nubiana rebranded for Bata (at least in Europe). And it is bees wax based
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday This one? This thread is exemplary for why I did not joined AAAC! But, frankly is this kind of inter-american debate that made an honest and pro-american european like me to wonder if the other side of the pond has not gone totally berserk!
Go with the charcoal grey one, more versatile, works also with a white shirt - that will allow you a wider array of ties to choose from - including greens, purple, etc (as you are wearing both the suit and the shirt in non-colors!) The shoes are worth a good shine - see the posts on that subject, and I think that you will have a good looking outfit!
Trying to reply to the original post - yes there are connaisseurs and there is group think! But also a lot of information, great outfits, some not very great, a bunch that I would not put on me, like in all communities! Also trends - yes Rubinacci is great, but there are also other great or good tailors, bespoke is a marvelous option, but there are well cut, well fitted MTM or OTR suits, people that are trying to look well dressed and people which are well dressed. Some of...
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