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Alfa Romeo - Lappo Elkan, Phat Guido and truly yours
Quote: Originally Posted by RJmanbearpig What happened to Negrila? Very well, just finished 3 suits and a sports jacket for yours truly!
Go to a Bata shop and find Crema Alpina, or search another shoe shop for Crema Nubiana (it is the same product, rebranded Alpina for Bata). It is a milky liquid product, sold in bottles.
Any of the more knowledgeable iGents knows who is the maker for the Aquascutum shoes? Thank you in advance!
Acceptable if it is summer, or you are in a tropical or sub-tropical location - i.e. endless summer. If you are in a temperate setting No Way - you will look like having one of the Soprano's as sartorial consultant. And I don't like silver grey too much!
Good fabric can be obtained trough e-bay, there is a good shop called British Fabrics. Fit and the rest - look at bmulford and his suits or Matt Fan or iatmatt on the waywrn thread; quality - working button holes on sleeves are not a real sign - the fit and construction are- go for at least 3 fittings, one basted, one with collar and sleeves, one final. In the first fitting you should be able to see the canvas, at least the lapels had to be basted by hand. Good luck and...
Tooth polish or tooth paste goes great with silver!
Blue and pink can be good - treat black as a form of very dark grey (which it is in fact), basic colors ties (blue, red, yellow). There are blacks and blacks - some of them very dusty, what I call "waiter black" and some that are very deep and rich in the tone and that look great! Also the stripping can aid... Good luck!
Nope, in fact if I remember well it is a Persian fur hat that had spread from India to Eastern Europe (in Romania it was very popular with gents from the older generation . my grandfather had one also). The main problem that I have with these hats - aside the sartorial one, here I would look like an old fart - is that it is produced from unborn lambs - so figure the process of harvesting the fur ... It is usually referred as "Astrakhan" or "Karakul" (the fur) and the hat...
It looks like book-binder - a sort of corrected grain with a plasticky feel, you cannot remove that with acetone.
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