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Blue and pink can be good - treat black as a form of very dark grey (which it is in fact), basic colors ties (blue, red, yellow). There are blacks and blacks - some of them very dusty, what I call "waiter black" and some that are very deep and rich in the tone and that look great! Also the stripping can aid... Good luck!
Nope, in fact if I remember well it is a Persian fur hat that had spread from India to Eastern Europe (in Romania it was very popular with gents from the older generation . my grandfather had one also). The main problem that I have with these hats - aside the sartorial one, here I would look like an old fart - is that it is produced from unborn lambs - so figure the process of harvesting the fur ... It is usually referred as "Astrakhan" or "Karakul" (the fur) and the hat...
It looks like book-binder - a sort of corrected grain with a plasticky feel, you cannot remove that with acetone.
Panama hat in summer - when is really hot, Cheapo H&M (12 yrs old, still kicking) black fedora and Olive green cheapo C&A (13 yrs old) when it rains - have to buy something better, but still searching
From time to time, take a straw brush (with pretty much stiff bristles) and take off the dirt and small pebbles that go into your sole and heels, and wash the sole with some saddle soap, or just plain water (not too much). If you are not wearing them for a period, you can twice a year to put some neutral cream on the sole, just to keep it more flexible (do not wear for at least 2 days or more). If you are spiffy - wax the part of the sole that is not touching the ground...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I swear that it is 20oz, though. - B Nope, because is not herringbone, just a plain weave hopsack, I stick with Bottega Veneta!
Sorry, this is not LL Cloth club, is PG Bottega Veneta intreciatto breakfast!
And this one, http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...ad.php?t=88764!
The fury is going on in AAAC http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...ad.php?t=88652! One thing is great about this whole thing - brought Manton and FNB, with all their differences, in the same boat!
Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak My fondness for sport coats has become a curiosity. Id like to know how SF members wear their coats, since I'm trying to incorporate them into my daily wear. So the poll question is how often do you wear them? If you're gonna leave a reply please dont leave out any juicy details (What style/colors you wear, what do you wear it with, When NOT to wear it, etc... Depends on the environment in that you...
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