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There are multiple factors to be factored in when building a shoe wardrobe: A. How it matches your clothes wardrobe? A good quality suit will cost more than a good quality pair of shoes, so it will take the lead! B. what is your office environment? Very conservative Anglo-Saxon will be very different from rather conservative European, industries tend to have their own internal standards, plus there are your very specific conditions - mainly do not overdress your boss; C....
Ikea family packing cubes -fit nicely in my Samsonite!
Depends mostly on the fabric more than the color - if it is a more rustic one suede should be good, if it is a city one, not so really. Brown is in fact a collection of hues, so it is quite difficult to say anything without a pic, but any brown (mid to dark) shoe could do the trick.
Take care, Lima is more on the side of temperate climate - been there last october and there were some evening to morning chills, and everybody was complaining about the humidity, so no cream linen and panama hats, that is for Amazonia (the other side of the Andes), mostly light tweeds and flannels. There were some tailor shops, offering both suits and shirts, but at a quite hefty price, the rest of the scene being relative crap, especially for shoes. South America is...
Oxfords with suits is a very anglo-saxon UCBD principle - in continental europe the divide is more black/other colors. My personal approach is the following - very business suits - i.e. worsteds, plain or stripes with "dress" oxfords or derbies (captoe black oxfords or derbies, brown oxfords, captoe or whole cut), less city suits - i.e. flannels, visible PoW, etc. - black or brown shoes with brogueing, tweeds, onfly brown derbies or very heavy brogues. Of course this is a...
St Crispins are made in Romania too - quality is not geo based, but dependent on how the client will build the production brief. Do not in the same basket CE Europe with China - there is a tradition of craftsmanship and industrial that goes back for centuries.
Any Bata shop.
Going trough that process in the last 3 years, I can tell you is not easy, but rewarding . What you need is a little bit of planning - you will need 2 - 3 pairs of good trousers, a blazer and half dozen shirts, which is very feasible in the budget you have, just to pass the autumn and winter, if all things good, next winter, you will "grow smaller" your clothes. In the UK, for one season clothes M&S is a good source, buy 2pairs of grey flannels, a pair of chinos, and you...
Clean the layers of cream and polish that were accumulated over time.
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