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Not very much, they are on sale now!
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Whats the difference between a navy sports coat and a navy blazer ? Only the buttons ? Is this a navy sport coat and can I convert it into a navy blazer if I change the buttons ? Yep Put some MOP or tortoiseshell ones - as in whnay's Rubinacci at it will look good! For the purist it will not be a blazer because it is a SB, but you can call it a blazer!
Quote: Originally Posted by topa I found the English fabrics a bit too "mature" for my age (27). The Zegnas (and European/Italian ones) definitely have more "flash". Yep, that is what I said to me when I've used Zegna's Now I have some orphaned suit jackets!
A real bespoke will be better than an OTR, even if it is Brioni or Kiton, at lest in terms of fit an personal comfort! Ask also if they are doing CMT (cut, make and trim, basically, if they accept to take your fabric and just tailor it), then you can source some good fabrics from e-bay, there are a few good fabric dealers there, mostly in english type. From my own experience, Zegna fabrics look good, but they are not very solid, so my advice is to go with an classic...
A. Ladies have a more acute chromatic sense - that will result in better color coordination (mostly in details that, we men, do not perceive); B. Ladies tend to build up a look around more elements than a man, and (see A.) around color rather than items; (see the extreme case where women want to coordinate their outfits (color) with their partner; the fact that they prefer male outfits ton sur ton, etc) The result is that some ties that my mother bought me are...
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl not that it matters too much. in general - romania is not the safest place to travel. don't forget your bodyguards. iirc, the factory is in the heart of romania, so it might be a hassle to get there. travel expenses would easily eat up the "discount". on the other hand, the adventure and experince is priceless. Not more unsafe than parts of Vienna I might say . The factory is in Feldioara, which is...
Blazer suit and shell cordovan!
Quote: Originally Posted by repp_fink On the third hand, the red Legion d'Honneur thread sewn from the buttonhole to the edge of the lapel is very, very sharp-looking. With the only small thing - to be bestowed with the L d'H.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung In a similar colourway it's definitely on my list. Red or red-brown on medium/heather grey would also be On a somewhat unrelated note, is it C&T that does custom fabric orders for members? Or is that another forum? London Lounge, not C&T.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido I'd do it & have done it. Especially when I travel as I like to pack a solid & a patterned suit to split etc +11000
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