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Quote: Originally Posted by KemalOnyurt If you click on the link in my signature you will get 20% discount and price will be 8.89usd for summer OTC. Done that - the price is still 11.11 $ for the OTC, 8.89 is for the MC winter weight! None the less I had ordered 2 pairs of Winter OTC!
Thank you very much for all your replies - I was not talking about business suits and Gucci loafers, but about something less formal as suit (I was wondering about "urban tweeds" or "traveling suits" or "sport suits" as Glen plaids or salt&pepper) and about quite formal loafers as the Berluti, Stefanobi, etc! So I would not be put at the stake for that, hopefully!
Might be an inane question, but why suits should be worn always with lace-ups? Some loafers, non-tasseled, can go very well with a non-conservative suit (Glen-plaid, Donnegal, etc). I know the rules, but I was just wondering!
Quote: Originally Posted by goodlensboy Many thanks for the useful advice koolhistorian. It worked. However, I just noticed there are scuffs all over the vamp stiching, might be a manufacturing defect. I would probably unfortunately return them now. Your help is really very much appreciated. Re leather type, wondering if it is tumbled calf that gravati uses on many of its models. It is normal with mocassin construction - they will...
Saphir Renovateur (or apply liberally Crema Alpina), let sit for one night, brush and buff, wear for 2-3 hours - just to see where the creases start to form - and then apply wax. Those are pebble grain, so they will not shine as plain calf, but you can spit shine the toe and the back quarters. Pebble grain is not full grain, it is a kind of corrected grain (the grains are stamped on the leather), but they seem good quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexei Looking for where to buy a fabric brush to brush wool pants/suits, what kind of brush to buy: Not my dry cleaner I asked today. Anyone else? Kent brushes, they have an outlet on the e-bay!
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Yes, there is: 1. Place shoe on carpet 2. Bonus points for artfully arranging them 3. Take photos 4. Show off to 'friends' on SF (and the optional 5th-7th step) 5. Sell on SF for massive loss 6. Justify loss as 'part of learning process' 7. Purchase shoes from an English maker, preferably with a Long and Illustrious History condition, cream and light shine; wear shine wear shine and so on
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan This just hit my local Barnes & Noble and I read through most of it last night. Overall very well done. Generally good advice. I do have some issues though... 1. They give the typical advice that if you buy one pair then make it black lace-ups. Uh no. I think brown shoes are more versatile and stylish. I'm not sure why GQ goes down this road after a brilliant quote from Domenico Vacca who also recommends a...
Quote: Originally Posted by krawlxx The caps of my black leather lace-ups have small, spiderweb cracks. I don't think it's the leather that's actually cracking as the shoes are good quality, and fairly new. Instead, I think it's from too much polish. If I accidently scuff my shoe, or push on it, the cracking spreads out from the point that pressure was applied. I don't polish my own shoes, as a man in my office tower comes around, and for $20 a month,...
Yesterday - a pair of Santoni FAM and a pair of Fr. Rosetti for less than 200 USD both (bankruptcy sale)!
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