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Quote: Originally Posted by alexei Looking for where to buy a fabric brush to brush wool pants/suits, what kind of brush to buy: Not my dry cleaner I asked today. Anyone else? Kent brushes, they have an outlet on the e-bay!
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Yes, there is: 1. Place shoe on carpet 2. Bonus points for artfully arranging them 3. Take photos 4. Show off to 'friends' on SF (and the optional 5th-7th step) 5. Sell on SF for massive loss 6. Justify loss as 'part of learning process' 7. Purchase shoes from an English maker, preferably with a Long and Illustrious History condition, cream and light shine; wear shine wear shine and so on
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan This just hit my local Barnes & Noble and I read through most of it last night. Overall very well done. Generally good advice. I do have some issues though... 1. They give the typical advice that if you buy one pair then make it black lace-ups. Uh no. I think brown shoes are more versatile and stylish. I'm not sure why GQ goes down this road after a brilliant quote from Domenico Vacca who also recommends a...
Quote: Originally Posted by krawlxx The caps of my black leather lace-ups have small, spiderweb cracks. I don't think it's the leather that's actually cracking as the shoes are good quality, and fairly new. Instead, I think it's from too much polish. If I accidently scuff my shoe, or push on it, the cracking spreads out from the point that pressure was applied. I don't polish my own shoes, as a man in my office tower comes around, and for $20 a month,...
Yesterday - a pair of Santoni FAM and a pair of Fr. Rosetti for less than 200 USD both (bankruptcy sale)!
good for travel and storage - leave your shoes at least 48 hours on cedar or other wood shoe trees, then transfer on plastic ones if you have.
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho 2m is adequate for jackets, even if they are patterned, unless you are very large and tall. He said he is a 46 L (assuming anglo-saxon measure) he is tall and not small!
2.5 m, 3 on the safe side!
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I skimmed this thread but I'm just too lazy to keep going. How much fabric does one need for a single breasted jacket in about 46L? A 46L suit? To be sure 4m for the suit, 2 m for the SB jacket, 2.2 if it has plaid (for the pattern matching). There are some tailor that can do that with less, but that is the safe side.
I tend to do it once a year - normally before storage (late spring for fall/winter, autumn for summer wear, except for the linen pants that are washed at home, air dried and pressed by yours truly). When needed, I do the necessary touch up, or they go to the tailor for a sponge and press. But it depends on usage and accidents.
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