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Bespoke/custom - product of an artisan (can have various degrees of customization, fit, etc. variable to the craftsmanship of the tailor); MTM - industrial product with various degrees of customization, fit, etc. variable to the flexibility of the industrial operation.
Its called burnishing - apply darker color wax on certain spots. The JL musem calf is obtained by the tanning process (before staining)!
1. Give them a good wash with saddle-soap. 2. Let them dry, brush; 3. Put them on shoes trees; 4. Apply conditioner - Saphir renovateur Crema Alpina - I've tested. Let the shoes drink the conditioner, apply another time if necessary. Brush; 5. Apply shoe cream (from pot) color to match. Saphir Medaille d'Or is the best, Creme Surfine also good. Let dry for 1 day. Brush. 6. Apply Crema Alpina. Let dry. Brush; 7. Apply wax (tin) same as for cream, let dry (1hr) Brush, Buff...
Great suits for the price - the pants seemed a little bit too small for my taste - see the bunching across the tights !
Quote: Originally Posted by KemalOnyurt you must see "All Prices Discounted for StyleForum" indication on the top of the page when you click the link on my signature. You can see regular prices as overlined and discounted prices for you. Not visible in my browser window!
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Great write up. Did you inquire if there is a branch of Negrila in Naples? Only in Bucharest - btw Mr. Negrila is a very good tailor!
I like it more on a Forestiere or a Half-Norfolk, but it looks good!
All of them, if money was there!
Quote: Originally Posted by KemalOnyurt If you click on the link in my signature you will get 20% discount and price will be 8.89usd for summer OTC. Done that - the price is still 11.11 $ for the OTC, 8.89 is for the MC winter weight! None the less I had ordered 2 pairs of Winter OTC!
Thank you very much for all your replies - I was not talking about business suits and Gucci loafers, but about something less formal as suit (I was wondering about "urban tweeds" or "traveling suits" or "sport suits" as Glen plaids or salt&pepper) and about quite formal loafers as the Berluti, Stefanobi, etc! So I would not be put at the stake for that, hopefully!
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