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Quote: Originally Posted by literasyme Ambassador. A minister/secretary wouldn't be addressed in that form. For the americans (anglo-saxon protocol) it will be Ambassador - the rest are Hon/Rt. Hon. For continental protocol (French) Ambassador, or other ministerial rank (dignitaire). Italian ... well lots of protocolar ranks!
Because they do that for the last 500 years?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Sorry, non native english speaker! When done with the diet, do pay a weekly visit to that saloon (and your barber once a month)!
SB PL one button (pinstripe maybe), mohair, unlined, white linen (or buff) SB or DB waistcoat, can be done without back (like the white tie vest), shantung tie, buttoniere. Formal enough, informal enough for an outside wedding. Frankly, even if the wedding is the day for the bride and groom (to be honest, it is more for the bride, bachelor party is for the groom), for both of you the day will be not the most comfortable in your life. BTW, make sure that your shoes are...
To join the crowd: 1. A navy blazer - most versatile piece of garment - if you have the funds go for a MTM programme (if you can find it in the sales) 9 - 12 oz fabric; 2. Yes, charcoal looks better of rather rotund guys (see my avatar), buy a second pair in mid grey, but make sure it fits (no pulls, waist strangling, etc.). - better buy a bigger size and have it tailored, than a smaller size and to risk that you do not have enough room to let out)! 3. 4 shirts - you can...
Lighten up with a bengal stripe or a gingham!
Navy blazer - one for winter (flannel, cashmere) and one for summer - fresco, mohair, wool - linnen!
Firstly I have something with the security guard obsession - the security guard look is mainly a guy who has an ill fitting, polyester laden clothes with low quality shoes, plastic tie, etc. Frankly, and I am wearing a blazer quite often, I had never been taken for a security guard! A good fitting navy blazer, with a nice shirt (stripes, checks, patterns) a good pair of shoes, some tasteful accessories and you are not a security guard!
Bespoke/custom - product of an artisan (can have various degrees of customization, fit, etc. variable to the craftsmanship of the tailor); MTM - industrial product with various degrees of customization, fit, etc. variable to the flexibility of the industrial operation.
Its called burnishing - apply darker color wax on certain spots. The JL musem calf is obtained by the tanning process (before staining)!
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