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Nope! You will ruin it!
Try Pediwear!
In warm weather pants are not the issue, provided that they are unlined - a polyester lining can alter any blend or weave's ability to cope with heat (nothing against CT). What you need to do is to try to maximize the air flow between the layers of cloth that will give you the natural "refrigeration" I.e. Quick drying your sweat. Single breasted will wear cooler than DB, suspenders can restrict airflow, very fitted shirts also... After a certain temperature it will be hot,...
Hangs a lot better, but you will boil! For the very hot weather a quarter- lined coat and an unlined pants are essential, 10 oz (280 - 310 g) fabric will have enough drape, but you need to take care about construction - fused coats will be hotter than canvassed ones, more structured will be more than unstructured, lining is also important. For over 25 Celsius the best I can find is wool linen blend or mohair open weave (mohair is crisp enough at rather low weights), coping...
Bought a pair of Shakespeare II in Burgundy on their sale, arrived in approx. 24 h. (Working ones) from Exeter to Bucharest. Very versatile dub monk, leather soft, took well the polish (provided with the shoes), and if not raining today I will start the break in process. The only dilemma that I have is to Topy or not, because they are ment to be traveling shoes.
I am searching for the Holy Grail of travel hardware for 15 years at least - no real result! I have a soft 3 fold Delsey garnment bag that can take a suit, 3 shirts and a pair of shoe plus the necessary others - underwear, cosmetics, iPad, chargers, It will pass for carry-on if you smile to the lady at the counter. If I put my suit in a cleaners foil, plus a garment sleeve it will arrive wearable in the end. Other solution is the Manton's blazer suit - I pack a navy suit...
Too much water, let it dry, start again! Use less water, a spray bottle will help, mix 30% rubbing alcohol 70% water, spray on the tissue, not on the shoe, rub both wax and water lightly.
More than wool, less than linen - I have a 50-50 wool linen suit that looks decent after one day of wearing, but it depends how anal you are about the look of your trousers, I am, so they get ironed after each wear, although the jacket can survive 2-3 wears without intervention. 85-15 I wonder if it brings some coolness, or just only the disadvantages of linen!
There are multiple factors to be factored in when building a shoe wardrobe: A. How it matches your clothes wardrobe? A good quality suit will cost more than a good quality pair of shoes, so it will take the lead! B. what is your office environment? Very conservative Anglo-Saxon will be very different from rather conservative European, industries tend to have their own internal standards, plus there are your very specific conditions - mainly do not overdress your boss; C....
Ikea family packing cubes -fit nicely in my Samsonite!
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