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Nice, thanks for the recs guys. Got a list to go check out in person. P.S. Love the Glashutte's but a bit out of my price range
(Apologies in advance for posting yet another 'what watch' thread..) Looking for a watch for myself as a graduation (a year ago!) present, budget around $4k but flexible. I'm thinking a sport watch- work in a business casual enviornment (my standard uniform is my AEs, wool trousers and shirts with the sleeves rolled up) and would like to have something that I can wear off duty as well. Another criteria- can't be too big. I have weenie wrists sadly. A couple of...
4.45AM Alarm goes off 4.53AM Drag myself out of bed 5.19AM Leave house 6.20AM Arrive at work --- 6.30PM-8.00PM Leave work(covers 90% days)
Quote: Originally Posted by GreyFlannelMan I think you should definitely find somewhere to try them on. Ok, I'll have a bit of a dig around on Monday. Thanks.
Thinking of getting some APC Rescues, 1. The range has been renamed, are the Rescues the 'Straight jean'? 2. I have quite big thighs/or I don't like my jeans tight around the thigh- not sure which one- haven't got anyone to benchmark against. As a reference point- found the Nudie RR uncomfortable, while my Rogan Orignal Cut (32 waist) are perfect. Will the Rescues be a good fit for me? and what waist size should I go for? 30? 3. Probably going to order...
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